Saturday, February 28, 2015

I WAS excited to get my first 2015 card.

Really, I was.  Topps 2015 flagship product hit the shelves about three weeks ago, and as much as I actually like the design I just didn't "need" to go out and pick some up. 

Sometimes I "need" to go to the big red box store to pick up a tube of toothpaste, even though we already have a half dozen in reserve tucked away in the closet.  And somehow those trips always result in me stopping by the card aisle.  You guys know what I'm talking about. Right?

Recently I decided that my life is too busy and a few things had to go.  With that decision I decided to give up on Listia. Getting credits isn't tough, as I could just post an unwanted relic or autograph and then have plenty of credits to spend on Cubs cards.  But that wasn't the problem in my eyes: the whole process is time consuming and I have plenty of great traders sending me Cubs cardboard already.  I guess the relics of Dioner Navarro and autos of Tom Gorzelanny will find their way into my trade box.  Lucky you!

So, I burned the last little chunk of Listia credits on my first card from 2015:

I read the seller's post and actually considered how to have the card shipped, but then common sense kicked in.
Heck I live and die by the PWE so I chose that option.  Besides, I'm not paying $2.99 for an insert that I can pick up at my LCS for less than a buck.

It arrived safely in a PWE and protected by a card saver.  Cool.  . . .  I don't know if you can tell from the above picture, but the card saver was taped shut with high quality packing tape.  Crap.
After picking with my fingernails to create something to grab onto I slowly peeled off the tape while taking care to not bend the card inside the holder.  It took a couple of minutes, but Andre was finally free!

Behold!  My first card of 2015!   I know those of you who already have a completed hand-collated set of Series 1 and three copies of this card are uber-jealous.

I decided to leave some positive feedback and offer a little advice to the seller while I was at it:
I meant what I said.  The Dawson card was shipped quickly and it was shipped safely.  Safety was NOT the issue. That card was not coming out of that card saver!  But, I've been on a bit of a blue tape kick as of late and thought the seller's future customers might appreciate me offering a suggestion, especially if the seller heeded my advice.

The seller's customers might have appreciated my advice, but he/she did not.
 Hey, dude, listen up! The rigidness and protection of the card saver and PWE was fine. That was not the issue.  It's the fact that I almost folded my card in two trying to remove the packing tape sans pull tab. 

Normally I would have blocked out the seller's handle before posting these screenshots, but I figure those of you who use Listia should know.  The seller ships quickly, seems trust worthy enough, and even responds to comments in a mostly non-snarky way.  If you win an auction from this seller expect to unwillingly participate in a wrestling match once the card(s) arrive. You know, unless you pony up and pay for the bubble mailer.

I could contact the seller again and try to re-explain the issue.  I've even thought about sending an e-mail to the seller with a link to this blog post, but I've decided once again that I'm wasting too much time.  I should be enjoying a good book, rubbing my cat's belly, or something else that makes me smile.   

Like I said at the beginning... I'm done with Listia, but I was hoping to go out on a positive note.  This transaction just left me frustrated and disgusted.  Seriously?  Packing tape?  Sheesh...


  1. From what I've seen on the blogosphere Listia went from a hit to shit real fast. I remember taking a look at it way back when and saw that it didn't offer anything I myself could use so I've never bothered with the site. And after seeing this, never will.

  2. I like the new banner. Especially that swagalicious Jason Motte.

  3. With Topps' recent collation, I doubt "a completed hand-collated set of Series 1" is even possible.

  4. That's the biggest problem with listia. Dumb, unruly sellers.

  5. Listia is more trouble than it's worth. It was nice before everyone started "selling" anything worthwhile for a minimum of 499 credits. But aside from that, it's just too time consuming for the periodic garbage that you deal with, and, like you say, it's not like it's the only place you can get cards for semi-free.