Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Like Notes in My Trade Packages

Doesn't the addition of a nice note on top of some sweet cards really just get you all warm and fuzzy inside.  Tim, the head of Household of the Toddfather, added this little personal touch on a recent package he sent my way:

Yes, Tim!  I needed/wanted all of those cards!  (Really, was there ever any doubt?)  Oh yes, and things are much better as of late.  Thanks for asking!
 I think the bunting Hairston may end up in a package for a fella who collects that niche.  Meanwhile, I'm hoping Olt mashes this spring and can prove to be a useful role player this season.  I like the orange border, for what it's worth!
Kid K and a couple of ARam cards.  I wasn't really following the hobby back in 2010.  How did these Hawaiian-esque mini-framed relics go over?  Seems odd for A&G if you as me.

This is one thick card!
I like the concept of the card, but I'm not quite sure about the execution of the card as a whole. Why does it need to be the thickness of about 5 standard cards.  It's not like it has a jersey or bat piece in it... just a couple of photos from what I can tell.  Oh Upper Deck, how you confuse me.

Tim, thank you for the surprise package!  Happy Spring!  (It's almost here, right?)


  1. If there was a reboot of the film Face/Off with Mark Prior and Lance Berkman, I would go see it.

  2. I believe some Game Face cards came with relics. Although that probably doesn't excuse the thickness.

    Oh and I got your package in the mail today. I've started preparing a monster of a package to send back to you. I probably won't be able to send it out until late March because I need to see what I can pick up for you at a card show next month.