Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Twins Blogger and 2 Announcements

Brian contacted me a couple of weeks ago and offered to trade me some 1984 Topps to help finish my now completed set. I had already worked out a trade with another blogger for last half-dozen cards that I needed, but that didn't stop me from hammering out a trade with the author of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.

I sent Brian a bubble mailer of Twinkies, which he seemed to appreciate and he returned the favor with the following:
 Kong and ROCK SHOULDERS!  If ROCKSHOULDERS had a superior mustache like Dave Kingman, then he would be unstoppable.  Instead, ROCK SHOULDERS is now a Texas Ranger and I have resorted to crying myself to sleep at night.   Sigh...

 I couldn't afford Mark Prior's cards when he first came up.  I was only twenty-four and doing my best to bank a few bucks for a new set of wheels.  Now I seem to have quite a collection of jersey cards and even a few autos!

 Does anyone else wish Topps would go back to making a special All-Star insert set like the ones below?  I liked that they kept the design consistent from year to year.
If they did this, wouldn't it open up 40 or 50 spots in Topps Update?  That would be nice. 

Hey, a new Kerry Wood card for my collection!
I'm now up to 366 unique Kerry Wood cards.  Excellent.

Alright, you may want to sit down for this one.  I have an announcement.

It's official.  I am starting a Brooks Kieschnick collection, but Kieschnick's Cubs cards.  I know, you're shocked.  I'm glad you sat down.
That's right.  Brian, your two contributions are the cards that broke that silly camel's back.

So, go on and click on my "haves" and see what you can do to expand my Kieschnick collection.  I dare you!

Oh, and one more announcement... Brian is holding a group break and he is looking for others to jump in.  He's planning on cracking open a few boxes of cards from the mid to late 90's and all he is asking in return is a trade package of twins in return.  That's pretty hard to beat if you ask me. 

Thanks for the trade and welcome to the blogosphere, Brian!


  1. Nice. Just picked up Kieschnick's Classic 5 Sport auto at the card show yesterday.

    1. Nice snag! I have the base, die cut and auto of that card.

  2. Rock Shoulders has a pet rock- it was on the back of one of his cards... Awesome!

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone's been great, I've got several more days of trade posts lined up to add to the blog because of all the great stuff headed my way.

    1. Believe it or not, I somehow have missed (or forgotten) that factoid about ROCK SHOULDERS. Thanks for sharing!