HOF Binder

I started a new binder project of baseball cards of members of the Hall of Fame. The cards are organized by induction year within the pages and each player is represented by only one card. My goal is to have a card from the player's playing days when possible and the player should be wearing the uniform of the team he represents in Cooperstown. But, let's be honest here... I'm not going to own a vintage Babe Ruth card, so many of the cards are modern, but I'm always looking for upgrades!
As always, if you have any cards to trade please drop me a line at mrcoach00 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Here's a (long) list of players who are missing from the binder:

Averill, Earl
Bancroft, Dave
Banks, Ernie (have many modern day cards, but waiting for a nice vintage card)
Beckley, Jake
Bell, Cool Papa
Brouthers, Dan
Brown, Mordecai "Three Finger"
Brown, Ray
Brown, Willard
Burkett, Jesse
Charleston, Oscar
Clarkson, John
Collins, Jimmy
Connor, Roger
Cooper, Andy
Day, Leon
Dihigo, Martin
Dreyfuss, Barney
Faber, Red
Ferrell, Rick
Flick, Elmer
Foster, Bill
Galvin, Pud
Gehringer, Charlie
Gomez, Lefty
Gordan, Joe
Grant, Frank
Griffith, Clark
Haines, Jesse
Hamilton, Billy
Hill, Pete
Hooper, Harry
Hoyt, Waite
Hunter, Catfish
Jackson, Travis
Jenkins, Ferguson (have many modern day cards, but waiting for a nice vintage card)
Jennings, Hugh
Johnson, Judy
Keefe, Tim
Keeler, Willie
Kell, George
Kelley, Joe
Lazzeri, Tony
Lemon, Bob
Lindstrom, Freddie
Lloyd, Pop
Lyons, Ted
Mackey, Biz
Manush, Heinie
Maranville, Rabbit
McCarthy, Tommy
McGinnity, Joe
McPhee, Bid
Mendez, Jose
Nichols, Kid
O'Rourke, Jim
Radbourn, Charles "Old Hoss"
Rice, Sam
Rixey, Epa
Rogan, Charles "Bullet"
Roush, Edd
Ruffing, Red
Rusie, Amos
Santo, Ron (have many modern day cards, but waiting for a nice vintage card)
Santop, Luis
Schalk, Ray
Sewell, Joe
Smith, Hilton
Stearnes, Turkey
Suttles, Mule
Taylor, Ben
Terry, Bill
Thompson, Sam
Torriente, Cristobal
Traynor, Pie
Vance, Dazzy
Waddell, Rube
Wallace, Bobby
Ward, John
Welch, Mickey
White, Deacon
Williams, Joe
Wilson, Jud
Wells, Willie
Willis, Vic
Wright, George
Youngs, Ross

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