Thursday, April 28, 2016

He is THE #Supertrader

You know who I'm talking about. The man needs no description, but I'll offer up one anyways.

The man sends bricks of cards and sometimes they are mysteriously wrapped.
 He enjoys sending out serial numbered cards...
 and more serial numbered cards.
 Vintage.  Yeah, not an obstacle. Sometimes I picture him running around and scooping up vintage like the Hamburglar picks up hamburgers.
 He always takes the time to send cards for my player collections:
 Did I mention he likes to send serial numbered cards?
His packages always include cards that would cost me an arm and a leg at my LCS. I bet his LCS is run by a guy with a deep southern accent.

 Do you know what the prices of Arrieta's cards are going for in my neck of the woods?

The size of the card is no issue. Sometimes they are five cards thick!
He also knows I dig shiny cards and that I want to be like Anthony Rizzo when I grow up.

This individual seemingly has infinite supply of autographed cards to dish out.
 And look, they are all prospects and/or rookie cards!  Mmmmmm... an acetate card!
 He knows I dig the prospects and guys who played in Peoria.  Hello, Justin Bour!
 Did I mention he always sends player collection guys?  THE VOGELMONSTER!  BOOOOOOOM!
 That is one sick autographed card.  What a way to end the first brick of cards!

Ooooooooh...  mysterious! Let's see what's inside!
 More autos of prospects and/or rookies.  Sean Gallager is a former Peoria Chief, nice!
 Rare refractors and parallels?  Yeah, he dishes those out as though they are candy from a parade float.

 I can't seem to remember.  Did I mention he likes sending me player collection guys?

Lastly, he sends out big-time hits. I'm talking about autos, relics, 1/1s, printing plates and apparently graded cardboard can now be added to that list.
 Holy smokes. HOLY SMOKES!
He's no Bringer of Rain, but I hear that Kris Bryant guy is pretty good.
He is the Most Interesting Man in the World the King of the #Supertraders!

Wes, thank you for the cards!  I promise my next package will bring some rain to your neck of the woods.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Pink Padded Mailer?

Well, that's a first. I've seen the white, gray, and the standard yellow, but never pink.  This must be a padded parallel #'d to 50 or something crazy.
 Hey, look at that!
 Tony Burbs, from Wrigley Roster Jenga, sent me 107 new Conlon cards for my set build.  Score!

Here's my favorite card from the Conlon Bomb:
I think the reason I love this set is two-fold: anecdotal history and the photography. This card is a great example of both.

Thanks for the help, Tony!  I'll be sending you some Cubs before too long.

If you have some Conlon laying around please drop me a line.  I still need . . . oh, a thousand cards or so!  Lastly, check your mailbox for the pink padded mailer, because I was able to open it without damaging it and it is way too cool not to pass around the blogosphere.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

PWE Goodness from gcrl

Times are busy and packages are stacking up on my desk.  Let's make that stack a PWE shorter! 

Jim, the author of the new FrankenDodger blog, is a veteran trader, and he sure knows how to craft the perfect PWE. 

This pair filled two vacant slots in my very own FrankenSet of the Cubs. Jim has already completed his own 726 card Dodger FrankenSet and I'm excited to see the page-by-page reveal on his new blog.
 BONUS: Sutcliffe and Szczur both played in Peoria! Woo-Hoo!

Six down and nineteen more to go!  gcrl is the third different contributor to my Wrigley Field insert set. If you have any extras you're looking to rid yourself of, then I'm your man!  Here's a link to my checklist.

Lackey was smacked around a bit last night and for the first time in eighteen games this year a Cubs starter failed to log six innings. So it goes.
I like the idea of this striking distance card, but instead of 400 Games Started, I wish they would have used the "Defeats All 30 Franchises" idea, which he accomplished in his last start. Lots of pitchers in the annals of baseball history have made 400 starts, but only 16 have beat all 30 teams. With the Cubs playing the Cardinals 19 times this year, the last team on his list, the odds of it happening were fairly decent.

Carl Edwards, Jr.!  Is it wrong that I think of the burger joint every time I hear Carl's name?
He could stand to eat a few more hamburgers, as he is 6'3" and only 170 pounds. Yikes!  Carl is my pick to be the first arm called up from Iowa this year.

What a great PWE: two FrankenSet needs, a Wrigley need, my first Cub card of Lackey, and a prospect.  Everyone knows how I love my prospects!  Thanks for the cards, Jim!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Contest Reveal

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and especially to those who advertised it on their blogs. I appreciate you, the readers, and I'm happy to hold little contests from time-to-time.

Before we get to the winner I had to show off my newest acquisition. Wrigley Roster Jenga has already blogged about RizzO's cereal and if you're looking for more details on the product itself, then I would suggest checking out Tony Burbs' post.
My mom-in-law visited this past weekend and she brought me two boxes from the south suburbs of Chicago. She actually called the grocery store and RESERVED them for me, and I'm glad she did because the shelves were empty when she went to pick up the boxes.  I am loved.  :)

On to the contest! There were 42 entries in all, which is kind of appropriate considering I started the contest on MLB's Jackie Robinson Day.

The person in the top spot will receive a yellow padded envelope full of cards from his favorite team/player. AND, as always, I like to reward the "unlucky" individual who takes up residence in the very last spot. They will receive some pity cards!
There you have it!  Tim B. will be the lucky recipient of a bountiful Yankees package and Adam Sanders will get some most excellent pity cards Reds. I will make good on the prizes, but there is still plenty to go through and I don't have much in the free time department. Shipping now is an option, but I've only sorted through two shoe boxes at this point.  Gentlemen, please be patient and I'll do my best to reward that patience!

Thanks for dropping by and happy collecting!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Blogiversary and Contest Time


Baseball Cards! Other 3 sports were on separate tables.
Nothing but Top Loaders in 2 of the Shoe Boxes; Penny Sleeves in the other!
Near complete sets in this binder. Love the Fleer Metal Sets!

1962 Baseball Hall of Fame Magazine = Awesomesauce
Letter found taped to inside cover of one of the purchased binders to the deceased from her mailman.


MJ rookies: base and Electric Diamond parallel
My first auto of Vlad the Impaler!