Sunday, October 3, 2021

Catching Up with Cards

 My sister recently picked up a few cards for me during her latest card purchase. These two will go into my Folder of Fun.

I don't have much of anything from the 2021 collecting year so I was really happy when Jane passed this Ryne Sandberg Stadium Club card my way. Most excellent!

Kenny, aka Zippy Zappy, also sent me a pair of cards through a PWE. Embarrassingly enough, this one arrived back in August. School was just kicking off, and I was super busy then, but that's no excuse. My apologies for the delay in posting, ZZ!

National Baseball Card Day came and went and I didn't even notice.

Thankfully I have this Javier Baez card to prove it actually happened. 

And here's an addition to one of my player collections which hadn't seen much action the last couple of years. 

What you see above is a baseball relic of Kosuke Fukudome. I don't think I have many ball pieces in my collection. Very cool! My Fukudome collection is now up to 191 unique cards, 31 of which have come from Kenny. Thanks, Zippy Zappy!