Friday, September 23, 2022

Funniest Auction I've Seen Lately

 A few of friends have asked why I'm not as big into baseball memorabilia and cards anymore. My complete answer consists of many layers and is quite longwinded. 

The picture below sums up one of my bullet points nicely. 

Vogelbach's autograph with a "Dingers & Donuts" inscription

Dan Vogelbach is a fun guy. He is big boy and has perhaps an even bigger personality. 

Earlier this season Vogelbach notably said, "I hit my home runs in bunches, just like I get my donuts."

Again, the Vogelmonster has been a favorite of mine ever since I learned of his fun loving ways. 

Yet, ten grand for a Vogelbach autographed baseball got me to snicker and sigh all at once.