Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hot Cards from Chilly Alaska

David is back at it again.  This time it was a couple of PWEs that found my mailbox.

It wasn't too long ago that I added my "Top 5 Wanted Cards" only the sidebar and I already have my first return.  Nice!
 I'm working on a new wall decoration project which involves baseball cards and I already had a card of Tommy John.   I can now add a card of Dr. James Andrews to my project!

I remember when A&G came out this summer and being really excited about the Fields of Yore insert set.  Somehow I forgot all about the set, but David quickly jogged my memory with this beauty:

Lastly, he sent me two cards for my Dillon Maples and Vogelmonster player collections.

Did you guys see the Vogelmonster made MLB Pipeline's Top 10 at first base?

Obviously, the talent evaluators haven't seen the full potential of the Vogelmonster.  Just wait until he comes out of hibernation this spring and starts feasting on fastballs!

Thanks for the second batch of cards, David!  A return package is in the works, I promise!


  1. I love how Greg Bird beat out Dan Vogelbach in's rankings. >:).

    1. I'm actually rather unimpressed with the 1B prospects in minors right now. Numbers 3 through 9 all score a rating of 50 on the 20-80 scale. I don't know that any in the Top 10 will be difference makers, including Vogelmonster, Berg, or even the top guy, Josh Bell.

  2. 1B prospects have been really weak the last 10 years or so because most of the guys are converted from other positions. Bell can hit, but he has had trouble staying healthy. If he has a big year this year he'll be on the fast track to PIttsburgh.