Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Shiny Vogel Goodness from N.O.

I had a handful of PWEs come in today and my list of bloggers I owe cards to continues to grow. I'll have to get off my duff some weekend soon and make it out to a show to pick up some cards for return packages.

Back to the mail. All but one of the return addresses were foreign to me, so I saved the known PWE for last. Mail from the blogging brethren is the best type of mail after all.

One of the Ebay envelopes contained a silver foil card of the 2020 Series Dan Vogelbach card. When I opened the envelope I could have sworn I heard angels sing.

When I got to the last envelope, which was sent from our local Night Owl, I was pretty amped up to see what he sent my way.

Then, there were more angels singing! Plus, bonus points for N.O. as he becomes the 15th different person to send a Vogelmonster card my way.
I'm seeing double! 
Yep, I now have two of the silver foil cards. So Shiny!

One card, obviously, will be enshrined within the pages of my Vogelbach binder. I'm thinking the other one will slip into the exterior pocket on the spine of said binder. The foil board shininess will look sharp on the outside of the binder.

Thanks for thinking of me Night Owl. I'll try to find some worthy Dodgers goodness to send you way before too long!

Monday, February 17, 2020

When Vogey Comes in 2nd

My wife and I escaped for the Indiana Dunes this past weekend for some amazing hiking. On the way there we crashed with her parents and went out to dinner with friends. On the way back we trekked into the Chicago suburbs for pizza. Mmmmm...
Before we left I received a PWE from Jim, who is also known by the moniker gcrl.
 I haven't been to a card show this year as of yet, but when I do I'll be on the lookout for kik√© cards for you, Jim!

These are my first Cubs cards from the 2020 collecting season:
It appears as though Rizzo hit another one to beat the shift. I hope he gets off to a hot start this April, as his last couple have been borderline dreadful. 

Vogey!  Behold, the first 2020 base card of Dan Vogelbach to add to my player collection:
 Such a jovial dude.
 Vogey has to work on his contact rate a bit, but I think 2019 was a nice breakout season otherwise!

Here's the best card from the PWE, and honestly, even the Vogelbach card comes in a distant second. (FWIW, that was not easy for me type.)
I had a 1958 Topps card of Bob Lemon in my HOF Binder, but I'm not a fan of the boring '58 design.  This 1955 Bowman offering is most excellent. I love the light standards in the background and how you can see him gripping the ball in the middle of his windup.

Thanks for the awesome contribution to my HOF project, Jim!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Resolved and a Gift!

Ten days ago I received three Austin Meadows autos from an Ebay breaker who busted 3 cases of 2020 Topps Archives Signature Series.
That was a bummer of a day. I received quite a bit of feedback on that post and I'd thank those who wished me a quick resolution.

Today the cards arrived.

Prepare yourself for super Vogel Mojo!
2013 Bowman, #60/99

2014 Bowman Platinum, #19/47

2015 Topps Heritage Minors, #23/34 -- This one's my favorite. The card design is in my Top 10 from Topps and the uniform top is similar to a throwback. The whole card has a vintage-esque vibe to it, you know, besides the gold foil stamp and what not.

It only took ten days to turn three unwanted Meadows into three VOGELMONSTERS. That's a pretty quick turnaround if you ask me.

It was an honest mistake and I'm just happy to have my cards. Glorious Vogelbach cards!

But, wait! That's not all!  The seller slipped in a pack Topps 2020 Series 1. Not needed, but totally appreciated.
I'm not going to buy and packs this year. That's my thing. I'm forty-four days in to the new year and going strong.  Yet, if someone wants to gift me a pack . . . well, that's something different altogether.

So, here's the highlights. We'll start with my first card from a pack for 2020:
 Hey, a rookie I've heard of before!  Not a bad way to start a pack!

I also found this guy in the pack.
 Two Blue Jay fledglings. Nice.

And then there was this:
I have a feeling this pack was meant for someone north of the border. Wow. 

Here's another checklist.
 I guess I didn't realize last year's All-Star batting practice jerseys were sleeveless. Huh.

How about a second future star?
I liked the brazen future star font of the late 80's. This is way too subtle for me. 

Rookie Cup!
This fourteen card pack is bringing the young talent!

1985 Topps is an underrated design in my book.
The Willie Mays card is a sweet pull if you ask me. 

 Topps, from what I have seen, did a most excellent job this year with photo selection and cropping.
Ha!  No Vogelbach in the pack, but I did pull a Kike card!  I don't think gcrl needs the base card, but I'll send it to him anyways.

I tell you what, I'm not into using my blog space as a promotional tool, but here's the business card of the Ebay seller. Yes, he mixed up the packages. But, he fixed it as quickly as possible, owned his mistake, paid for ALL the shipping, and tossed in a free pack of cards to make sure I had a good experience.
If you're looking for an Ebay breaker who does an honest break and treats their customers right, then give Sport Card Breakers a shot.

Have a great Valentine's Day, everyone!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

On the Lookout for Vogelmonsters!

It looks like someone has found 2020 Topps Series 1.
Personally, I favor last year's design over this year's edition, but I do appreciate the photo selection for card #99.  Nice one, Topps!

If you wind up with a copy of this jovial masher of taters that you can spare, please leave me a note! I would love to swing a PWE trade!

Monday, February 3, 2020

The Worst Kind of Mail Day

I bought into a 3-case player break of Topps 2020 Archives Signature Series last week. I'm sure you can guess which player I rolled the dice on.

I watched the video on Youtube the next day and was pretty stoked that I hit three cards out of the 60-card break.

Then my package arrived today in the mail:

Last time I checked I wasn't an Austin Meadows super collector.

Meadows?  Hmph. The guy I was expecting hits bombs. VOGELBOMBS!

Cue up the sad trombone sound.

I wonder how long this will take to resolve?