Sunday, July 12, 2020

Folder of Fun: Page 17

The Folder of Fun, as I like to call it, has been in the works for about three years. That's about the time I stopped buying retail and hobby packs and began tracking down cards which fit a certain general description: FUN.  Here's a link to the first post in this series if you'd like to go back and catch up. 

The next section of the Folder of Fun dips into a part of baseball which I really love. If I were on a high school debate team and asked to argue for or against mascots, then I would definitely want to be on the side listing all the positives to a sports team employing a full-time mascot. 

Without further delay, here is Page 17:

1983 Donruss, #645 - The Chicken
I don't believe he was the first mascot, but I think The Chicken is the one who started the mascot craze in America. As a result, I own a bobblehead of his and there's four cards featuring him in the binder.

1992 Donruss Triple Play, #138 - The Famous Chicken
The Chicken is turning double play? So athletic!

1982 Donruss, #531 - The Chicken
That's one classy looking bird!
I love the blurb at the bottom of the card about sending a SASE to get an auto.

2016 Donruss, #151 - The Famous San Diego Chicken
Good on Donruss for revisiting its early roots and including The Chicken in a more recent product!

1992 Upper Deck, #255 - Cecil Fielder
This is such a classic card!

2018 Topps Big League, #281 - Ketel Marte (Gold Parallel)
I think sports cards should include more photos with players and mascots. It works very well in a kid friendly product like Big League.

2019 Topps Big League, #208 - Ozzie Albies
Watching players interact with mascots is probably my favorite thing they bring to the game. The Phanatic is probably one of the best in the business in this regard.

1995 Action Packed, #81 - Max Patkin
Max isn't necessarily a mascot, but he provides pre-game and in-between inning entertainment just the same.

1995 Action Packed, #82 - Clown Prince of Baseball
I remember Max Patkin making an appearance in Peoria back in the late 1980's. He had a silly routine, but it seemed perfect for minor league baseball at the time.
Seeing him in "Bull Durham" later on made me smile!

More mascots are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

My Latest Envogelope

Jim, otherwise known as the gcrl and the author of cards as I see them, sent me PWE a couple of days ago. It started off with great flair.
 Stamps of Clemente and Foxx?  How very cool!

After tearing in the envelope these four fell out.
Technology has me shaking my head. I've been slowing picking away at my 1982 Topps set build since last fall and I've done my best to hide my want list, but I guess it has been published this whole time and gcrl found it. Lesson learned: an entire Google Sheet is either shared or private, and you can't individually set the privacy settings on each tab like I thought I was doing. Go figure.
Regardless, good sleuthing and thanks for the set help, gcrl!
Random Thought: Was I the only one who thought Rich Gossage always had a mustache/beard?

 Ryno is always a welcome site in a PWE.

Wrigley Field cards are in constant need, as I fill the front page of all my Cubs binders with Cubs logo cards and cards of Wrigley. 

Hah, here we go!  This is what turned the envelope into an envogelope!
 I actually hit on one of these orange Vogelbach parallels in a Big League blaster, but the corner was severely bent and dinged. I'm so happy to have an upgrade for my player collection!

It seems like I'm perpetually working on my Cubs Topps flagship team set every year. I think part of it has to do with it coming out in three series during the course of the year and my negligence in noticing when Series 2 and Update hit the stores.
 More Kris Bryant cards. Woot!  I hope there's a 2020 season or else maybe we've seen the last of Bryant in a Cubs uniform.

Oh, and here's my first card of Rowan Wick in my collection. Very nice!
Or maybe I should say this is Hugo's first card of Rowan Wick. Hugo has been more interested in cards as of late... laying on them... knocking over piles... sitting on top of 3200-count boxes... and playing with empty pack wrappers. Maybe I'll let him keep this one.

Thanks for the envogelope, gcrl!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Folder of Fun: Page 16

The Folder of Fun, as I like to call it, has been in the works for about three years. That's about the time I stopped buying retail and hobby packs and began tracking down cards which fit a certain general description: FUN.  Here's a link to the first post in this series if you'd like to go back and catch up. 

Page 16 shows off the 2020 Topps Opening Day Team Traditions and Celebrations insert set, but it won't be the last post before we get back to baseball players. I have a couple of more pages in the works. 

The bat chandelier is so impressive, but my favorite artsy piece at T-Mobile is the mural mentioned on the back of the card.

Lots of statues in the post, but this is the only one I haven't seen in person yet. Someday soon hopefully!

I feel like Mike Trout is this generation's version of Willie Mays, but I never got to see Mays play. How off am I on that comparison?

I somehow missed the cable car when I was in San Francisco five years ago. Bummer.

I believe the Crown Vision is the fifth largest video board in baseball. 

I've used the Musial statue as a landmark to meet up with people outside of the ballpark after a game.

The hand-turned scoreboard is off limits during Wrigley Field tours, which is a bummer. But if you go to the Iowa Cubs stadium they also have a mini hand-turned scoreboard in right field, which is open for those sitting in the bleachers to see how it operates.

When I finally get to Fenway I'll have to go get my picture taken next to Pesky's Pole.

What a great statue. Most statues are of the player batting, but Jackie was such a fierce baserunner. I think this is a perfect pose for the man who stole home 20 times during his abbreviated MLB career, including one in the World Series.

This is the type of stuff that keeps baseball fresh and interesting. I'm not the biggest fan of the Yankees, but even I can appreciate the creativity of the fans that led to the Yankees creating "The Judge's Chambers."

The next Folder of Fun post will focus on how some teams fill the time before the game and in between innings. It's probably one of the top things that makes a trip to a baseball game tolerable for my wife. 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Wrong LT Fan Club

Recently, a plain white envelope (PWE) found my mailbox with the return address listed as the LT Fan Club. I can't deny I get excited when an unannounced PWE arrives, but I was puzzled at first as to who was that big of an LT fan. I suppose I'm showing my age a bit when the first LT who comes to mind is this guy:
Oddly enough, this isn't the first time I've received something from the same return address, but for whatever reason my mind keeps making the football connection when I should be thinking of Zippy Zappy and Torren' Up Cards. After all, ZZ is the president of the Luis Torrens Fan Club.

Within the PWE I found quite a few firsts.
 These are my first cards of both Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn. The Bulls have been mostly an afterthought the last decade or so, but Markkanen and Dunn are young, so maybe there'll be something to cheer about in a few years?

Commander Cody is the man. This is my first card of his and I'm pretty stoked.
 I don't remember Clone Pilot Hawk, but I'll hang on to him, too.
I thought the Topps Attax brand could have been so much more the first time around and I'm glad to see it's still out there in some other incarnation.

Hey, baseball!
Every year Heritage makes me reconsider a design. I was never a fan of the 1971 set, but those black borders (without the chipping) are certainly growing on me.

I'm very curious to see what Kris Bryant looks like as a lead-off hitter. I suppose that's still the plan out of Cubs Spring Training 2.0.  Here's to hoping things get better and we get to see first hand!

Thanks for brightening my day, Zippy Zappy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Folder of Fun: Page 15

The Folder of Fun, as I like to call it, has been in the works for about three years. That's about the time I stopped buying retail and hobby packs and began tracking down cards which fit a certain general description: FUN.  Here's a link to the first post in this series if you'd like to go back and catch up. 

Page 15 brings us more Team Traditions and Celebrations from Topps Opening Day. This time I have the 2019 set to show off. 
I haven't been to the new park in Miami yet and I'm excited to see the bobblehead museum there, as I have a modest one of my own.

Eutaw Street is very cool. I've been on two separate occasions and the biggest thing I remember are the baseball markers commemorating the longest home runs hit along the street.

This strikes me as an odd celebration, but it is pretty unique!

Much like Minnie and Paul at Target Field, I wish I would have seen a night game in Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell in action.

I remember when the Dodgers celebrated in the Diamondbacks' pool after a big win in 2013. What a stir that created.

I'm a little confused by this one. The building isn't really a tradition or a celebration. Right?

The water features at Kauffman Stadium are magnificent.

Weren't the White Sox the first team to really do something unique to celebrate home runs? Bill Veeck was a brilliant promoter.

Is Tony Gwynn one your top five hitters of all time? I have him right up there with Ted Williams and Wade Boggs.

I remember the merry-go-round at Comerica, but I didn't take a ride when I visited. 

One more post of traditions and celebrations remains. Thanks for reading!