Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cards from a Warmer Climate

Seriously, I'm tired winter.  But a little ray of sunshine hit my mailbox a week or so ago from the Copper State.  Daniel, from It's like having my own Card Shop, sent a surprise package with plenty of Cubs goodness.

First, let's check the note:
 Hmmmm?  Foreshadowing?  I'm game.
 Four new Kerry Wood cards for my player collection, which now stands at 360.  Nice way to start a package.  The Playoff Absolute Memorabilia card from 2003 is pretty shiny and sports a nice design.  It's probably my favorite of the package!

I am doing pretty "Well"-emeyer. Thanks for asking, Daniel.
 I remember meeting Todd at a Cubs fanfest in Peoria a decade or so ago.  These cards would have came in handy then for an in person auto back then.

Here's a couple other of my favorites from the package.
 The Shooter.  Rod Beck was about as down to earth as they come.  RIP, Rod.

 Do they even make baseball cards this busy anymore?  Name on the front x2, a quote, team, position, big picture, lightning, and purple stalagmites. Man, the 90s were a crazy time.  This one goes into the Cub binder for sure.

Hee Seop Choi, DLee, One Dog, and the Crime Dog.  Great cards, and now they've all found a home in my collection.  Thanks, Daniel!

Lastly, let's take a look at those Ticket Studs mentioned in the note.
 I've never seen these before, but that shouldn't come as a surprise as I was too busy changing jobs and getting married when they came out in 2004. 
Each Ticket Stud has the date from the player's last game (Brooks, Ryan, & Reggie) or their debut (Ichiro).  All were studs in their day.  The cards fold up and are about the size of normal baseball cards.  Convenient!  I like the concept and appreciate the thought!

Thanks for thinking of me, Daniel.  I'll be sure to send a return package out before too long! 


  1. Is there a reason that the same stadium is on the back of all 4 Stud cards? Maybe it's just convenience, but what stadium is it?

    1. I'm not sure which stadium that is on the back of the cards. It would have been nice if the card company went the extra mile and placed a picture on the back that matched the game of the ticket stud on the front.