Saturday, February 7, 2015

I May Have a New Favorite Cub

Let's be honest here.  I haven't had a Cub who I have been able to identify with since Kerry Wood retired in May of 2012.  The roster has been completely overhauled a couple of times since then and it's been difficult to get attached to once particular player.

I have my favorites and they are pretty much exclusively minor league players.  But, when a casual baseball fan asks who your favorite player is I don't like to answer with "the Vogelmonster" as my response.  Vogelmonster is the new correct answer now that ROCK SHOULDERS has been stolen from the Cubs by the Texas Rangers through the Rule V Draft back in December. 

(By the way, Chuck Norris, there is a new Texas Ranger in town.  Yes, Chuck, that's right.  ROCK SHOULDERS puts the fist in pacifist.  Good luck, ROCK!)

I guess I should adopt a MAJOR LEAGUE player.  At least then I wouldn't alienate myself as a baseball nerd to those individuals looking to converse with me. No?

I ran across this tweet last weekend:

Dexter Fowler & Dexter Howler
Dexter Fowler?  Why not?  He seems like a nice, fun-loving, dog owner, who has exciting Saturday nights just like myself.  It's been awhile since I can identify, even a little bit, with a Chicago Cub.

Besides, look at that smile!  That's about as far removed from a Zambrano temper tantrum or a Milton Bradley scowl as one can get. 

The Cubs needed some veteran leadership, a center fielder, and guy who can get on base at the top of the lineup.  Check, check, and check. 

I'm hoping he starts off April on a hot streak and doesn't look back.  Maybe he plays well enough for Theo and Jed to sign him to an extension?  I know, I know, there are prospects waiting in the wings and Dexter my be just a fill-in for a season until they're ready, but I think I'm all in.

Man, I can't wait for spring training to get here!  Go get 'em, Dexter!


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  2. Hopefully Fowler has a nice tenure with the Cubs. There are some talented guys coming up behind him but it never hurts to have a player you know what to expect of.
    That said if he reaches free agency two years from now he'll most likely get a decent contract in this current market.

    BTW, rooting for major leaguers is overrated. Anybody who looks at you with a weird eye if you name a prospect probably isn't baseball savvy enough to know that baseball is in the midst of the prospecting era and probably wouldn't recognize any name you mention anyway.

  3. This may be the most fun we've had as Cubs fans in quite a while. Definitely looking forward to spring this year.

  4. He was well-liked in Denver and we all miss him.

  5. "puts the fist in pacifist"...Love it! May have the steal that line some day.

  6. It was a good move by the Cubs. Fowler is a known commodity that has delivered pretty good numbers over the past few years. If the young guys work out they can let him walk next year or if they like him they can resign him. If he has a huge year, they might be able to give him a qualifying offer.

  7. Count yourself lucky, Tom. The 'Stros gave up a good one in Fowler, but with a growing logjam in the outfield, it was bound to happen I suppose. Hopefully he doesn't daydream out there by the ivy, however. He got a little lax and dropped some balls late in the season here.

    1. From what I've read at spring camp he's really fitting in well. I can't wait to see him flying around the bases for his first triple!