Friday, February 27, 2015

Ryno and The Wheel

I had dinner with my parents and grandfather tonight.  There's nothing like eating pizza in the living room and chatting while casually watching the Wheel of Fortune.

The first puzzle tonight was something the blogosphere just might have a chance to solve.  At least my parents and Ryno, my wallet card, thought you all might have a shot.
Thanks go out to:
1) My mom for suggesting the wallet card photo
2) My dad taking the picture
3) My grandfather for allow us to "pause" the show for the photo opportunity

Isn't family great?

Happy Friday, folks.  It's been a long week and well deserved!


  1. Rarely do we watch Wheel, but the planets were aligned last evening, I guess! I was half paying attention--doing something or other on my laptop--and Mrs. K shouts out, "BASEBALL CARD COLLECTION" and I'm like, Whaa?? Pretty funny puzzle.

  2. Your grandfather and I have the same DVR!