Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bring On The Baseball (Cards)

Spring Training is officially underway today in Mesa for the Chicago Cubs.  Joe Maddon is expected to address the team today and I can't wait to hear some more quotes from Chicago's new media darling/manager.

I'm also eager to follow the young and talented Cubs: Soler, Bryant, Russell, and Scharber to name a few!

But, on to baseball cards...  I finally got my butt in gear and I'm sending out 11 eleven packages and 1 PWE today.  I've owed a good many of you something in return for your generosity and I'm hoping I have kept diligent enough records.

10707,  26505,  30350,  37760,  55419,  60451,
77007,  83605,  85338,  91360,  97213,  99501

If you're expecting cards and your digits aren't above, please drop me a line.  I take pride in keeping up my end of the deal, no matter how tardy I might be.  If you live in Hazel Green... sorry, still working on yours!  :)
Snapshot of my trade table before the packages hit the PO.
 Thank you to all who helped me complete sets and fill holes in my collection the last couple of months. I sincerely appreciate it!

Now, let's play ball!


  1. I'm going to make it down to Spring Training one of these years... It's a bucket list item for sure.

    1. I've been twice with last year being the most recent. That's where I got to meet Theo and get my picture taken with him! Ahhh... good times!