Tuesday, February 24, 2015

JBF Sent Me A Riddle

Maybe you can help me out?  If I've learned anything during my blogging tenure it's these two things:
1) The blogosphere is full of generous people, like Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk
2) There are some really knowledgeable people out there.

What is this card?
At first glance, it looks like a really sharp 1956 Topps card of Mr. Cub.  Yet, it has a laminated like feel to the front.

Let me answer you first question: No, it is NOT from the 2010 Cards Your Mother Threw Out set.  As you can see from the above picture the Ernie Banks card is actually bigger than a standard card and it has a blank cardboard back. 

Is there another reproduction set out there that I'm not aware of?  Over-sized, glossy-ish front, blank back?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Let's hear your best guesses in the comments section!

Let's see some cards I know more about!  This is yet another package from Wes and they are always good for some interesting stuff!
 I thought Wes was collecting autographs this year?  He must know that this one make me smile!  Thanks, buddy!

 A couple of new-to-me cards of Sweet Swingin' Billy Williams.  I love the old Cub logo on the sleeve.  So retro, so perfect.

Don't rub it!  (Unless you're going to rub dirt in it.)
This is my second copy of this card and I could just stare at for hours on end...  but there's more cards to be posted!

For the record that's a Hostess Ryno on the right.  Mmmmm... Hostess...
 I really was fascinated by the '84 Donruss set when I was younger. It came with a higher price than Topps and it always carried a bit of an allure to it.  Now I have the Fergie with a 4-armed centerfielder in the background.  Nice! 

 I thought both of these Ryno cards were new to my collection, but as it turns out only the '94 Denny's card is new. And this picture is reason #1 as to why I need a scanner.
 My wedding band almost looks like it has one of those silly Topps gimmick sparkles on it. 

And lastly, proof that Wes likes to give a good Bipping.

Seven Slammin' Sammy Sosa cards!

Thanks for another wonderful package, Wes!  I'm still collecting cards for a package to send your way...  you have built up a bunch of good karma in my collection and I'm trying to make the return package worth your while!


  1. No idea on the Mr. Cub, but I will say this: my hatred of the Cubs is well known. That being said, the Cubs logo on the Williams card is SERIOUSLY underused. It's classic and it's brilliant. They need to lose the crap that is on their sleeves right now and bring that logo back.

    I'll still hate them, but at least they will be better dressed.

    1. Hehe... just wait until they finish somewhere in the standings other than fifth place, like they've done the last FIVE years. I'm sure your hatred will only continue to blossom as they continue to improve. :-)

    2. I've been harping about the logo for years. Bring back the cute cubbie. Aggressive logos don't win games. Good players do.

  2. The Billy Williams oddball on the left also has the State of Illinois 150th Anniversary patch on the opposite sleeve, that's pretty cool. It means the photo must have been during the 1968 season

    1. Good eyes! I couldn't make out what that patch was. Thanks for the info!