Thursday, January 9, 2014

The first shipment of '87 Topps arrives...

Jeff, from One Man's Junk (Wax), has started the ball a rollin' on my '87 Topps Project... PWE-style.  Nice!  I'm still short 47 cards and need another blogger to step up to the plate and help me out.  Remember, a blaster of cards is on the line! 

Not to get lost in the PWE generosity were in three cards from the '89 Topps set, and now my want list is down to four.  Thanks, Jeff!

Oh, and just in case there's any confusion here: people aren't just giving me cards, I'm trading for their '87 junk wax cards.  Yeah, I know, all this snow and cabin fever have made me a little loopy.

No matter. If my day goes well I should be able to make it to the post office with things to mail out to the following zip codes: 60451, 16933, T2Y5E1, 95843, and 48912.  Oh, and to the guys who call 60706 and 35750 home... well, they're not '87 Topps related packages, but something is on it's way to you as well.


  1. I have the Nolan Ryan, and Barry Bonds cards you need. Will drop you an e-mail

    1. That's awesome! Thanks for the help! Down to needing just 32 cards!

  2. I'm almost embarrased to admit this, but I have the rest of the 87 Topps that you need.
    swingandapopup at gmail dot com

  3. Hi tom. Did my shipment arrive yet?