Thursday, January 23, 2014

A card a day?

I've heard of "A Pack a Day" and there are a couple of examples around the blogosphere, including the uber-popular Tribecards from Outer Space project and the sometimes forgotten, yet aptly named, A Pack A Day blog.

But, a card a day?  Let me explain...

I sent Jaybarkerfan's Junk one card in the mail with a poorly thought out note attached.  I only say poorly, because I didn't think about how the King of PWEs might take the note.
The note's a little hard to read, but I previously scribed, "Because 1 card in the mail is better than No cards."  I believe this to be a true statement and I stand by it.    You guys know what I'm talking about.

Example: Oh, I beat my wife home from work!  I get to check the mailbox!  <scampers to the mailbox>  Oh.  Nothing but junk.  Not even junk wax.  <sulks back up the drive way to the house>

So, I send Wes, the author of Jaybarkerfan's Junk, one card in a simple PWE and he sends back the following:

You ever feel like you just poked a sleeping bear?  I think I just did.

I don't know if you can make it out, but he's even taken to numbering his PWEs now, which was helpful, because all three arrived on the same day.  The crazy thing is each one has a different postmarked date on them.  How does that happen?

Okay, I must admit, I opened all three in one sitting.  I'm a bad blogger.  I know.

I give you envelope #1:

Vintage!  Glorious PWE vintage!

Next up, envelope #2:

Yeah.  Roosevelt Brown is watching me?  Creapy.

And #3?

More vintage goodness!

Sometimes opening cards and writing a quick post in the morning before heading off to the salt mines makes the whole outlook to the day that much brighter.

Thanks for the lift, Wes!


  1. Nice trio of Cubs. Lovin' the vintage.

    Sometimes the only way I get one card a day is if I order from a couple of sellers at sportlots.Actually that usually gets two or three cards a day for almost a full week (depending on how many cards I buy and how many sellers)

  2. I've heard that jaybarkerfan guy's bubble is a little off center.