Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let's Randomize Us a Winner!

Winner, winner, chicken Dinner.  By now the blogosphere is probably tired reading about my 1987 Topps Project.  But, hey, it is pretty cool that I knocked that set out in a week's time.

I promised all of those who contributed cards through trade that they would be given one entry into the randomizer for every ten cards of '87 junk wax they sent my way.

Here's a screenshot of all the participants and the number of entries each was awarded.

The winner will get to pick a blaster from the following selection:
     A. 2014 Topps Series 1
     B. 2013 Bowman Chrome
     C. '13 Topps Chrome
     D. '13 Topps Update
     E. '13 Topps Update with 2 packs of Chrome (but it was severely mangled box)
     F.  '13 A & G
     G. '13 Heritage 
     H. '13 Panini Prizm

Okay, and with no further delays, here's the top of the randomized list:

Look's like Kyle, from Nolan's Dugout, is the big winner.  Way to go, Kyle!

And here's a look at the bottom.  You know, just for kicks.

Um, Zenus, better luck next time!

Kyle, if you would, rank your top three choices for a blaster in the comments section.  I'll do my best to pick up #1 for you and #2 & #3 will serve as back-ups just in case my local big box store's inventory has taken a hit.

Thanks again for everyone that chipped in!  And to everyone who didn't, you only have one more '87 Topps Project post to make it through: the obligatory "Joy of a Complete Set" post.  Nice!


  1. Whoa...Awesome. Thanks Tom. #1 2013 Bowman Chrome; #2 2013 Topps Chrome; #3 2014 Topps.

  2. I appreciate the box sent of Bowman Chrome. Signature (Luis Mateo) and a refractor Puig. Now that's some great winnings from your contest. Thanks much.