Sunday, January 26, 2014

All My Kieschnicks

I betcha can't tell which blog I've been reading as of late.  Want a hint?  Well, take a look at that title again.  Need another?  Hat-tip to dayf who has inspired me to show off my all of Brooks Kieschnick cards.
Oh, and another hat tip to Wes, from Jaybarkerfan's Junk, for sending me my nineteenth different Kieschnick via the wonderment that is the PWE.

Kieschnick was drafted in 1993, which is about the same time I discovered the fairer sex and put my card collecting on pause.

Due to my collecting hiatus during the nineties, all of my Kieschnick cards have either been included in a trade package or picked up on Listia during the last two years.  I even "bipped" myself last spring with Brooks' card. 

Thank for the new card of Brooks, Wes! 


  1. I notice the first card shows him pitching. Puts him in a fraternity with Babe Ruth I guess. Wikipedia says: In 2002, in an online poll conducted in Austin, Kieschnick was voted the best baseball player in the history of the University of Texas.

    1. Brooks actually pitched out of the bullpen later in his career with Milwaukee. He was a spot starter in LF, came off the bench to pinch hit, and he was an active member of the bullpen (albeit, not in high leverage situations).

      What a weapon to have on the 25 man roster. A power threat that can also pitch? You'd think MLB teams would look for more like Kieschnick to maximize their roster spots.