Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cats, Prowling and Otherwise

Zenus, from The Prowling Cat, is another one of the dozen or so bloggers who volunteered to help me with 1987 Topps Project.  I sent off some inserts to help out his 2013 Topps Opening Day Set and he chipped in with an '87 Topps Barry Bonds and Nolan Ryan. 
Zenus also threw in some bonus Cubs.  I love me some Leon Durham, The Penguin is Talking to a Fish, and Goose is sporting some seriously fun facial hair.

A gold Chuck McElroy?  Jody Davis Sportflic?  Talk about mixing it up a bit!
This '84 Batting & Pitching Leaders is one of my favorites.  I already had one in my Jenkins collection and now I can slide one into the Moreland section of my binder.  Very nice.   A sticker of Carmelo Martinez is something I never would have expected.  This must be from his rookie year, perhaps a 1984 edition?

Zenes, you're one cool cat.  Thanks for the awesome trade package and helping out with my '87 Topps Project!

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