Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A GCRL Trade Post

I sent a slew of Dodgers to GCRL, including a Davey Lopes relic and a Ron Cey autograph, and he sent pack a trade package that just about knocked my socks off.

There was a little bit of everything...
... some beautiful vintage cards of Santo and Hundley to add to my mini collections of each player...

 ... two of my all-time favorite Cubs hitters in Mr. Cub and The Hawk...

 ... PEDs and steroids seem to be a hot-button topic as of late.  Hello, Mr. Sosa!

A patriotic relic?  That's a first for me.  Man, I remember when I thought Juan Cruz was going to be the next Pedro Martinez.  Yes, I know, I'm quite delusional at times when it comes to players of my favorite team.

There was a great assortment of Kerry Wood cards in the package as well.  Hey look, another relic! Oooh, and a blue chrome refractor.   I'm up to 294 unique cards of Kid K and I'm sure 300 is just around the corner.  Very nice.

Then he topped it all of with some set needs.  Everyone knows about my '87 Topps Project, but GCRL also included some '88 and '90 Donruss and knocked my 1992 Topps want list down from 132 cards to 29.
 Yes, my name is P-town Tom and I'm completing unfinished junk wax sets from my childhood.  Yes, I know.  I have a problem.

Oh, but wait, look what I found in the junk wax!  I learned that Ben McDonald has the ability to hold 7 baseballs in one hand.  Huh.  I wonder how he does that?  The most I've ever been able to hold is five.

And look!  Bo Jackson.  Bo knows John Smoltz... um, I mean, Bo knows Tom Glavine... wait... um... never mind.
Thanks for a great trade, GCRL!