Monday, December 2, 2013

Trade with Nolan's Dugout

I found Kyle, from Nolan's Dugout, when I was reading a trade post somewhere in the thick of the blogosphere.  The trade post mentioned the acquisition of some 1994 Fleer base cards.  Now, that may not sound like much to get excited about, but it's a big deal for a guy who's been trying to complete the set for nearly twenty years!

I scrolled through Kyle's want lists and found a healthy stack of 2010 & '11 Topps as well as some 1992 Topps Gold to send his way.
In return, he knocked out about 80% of my '94 Fleer want list, including the Hall-of-Famers pictured above, AND he also sent me a healthy stack of '87 Topps. 
1987 Topps?  Yep, you read correctly, but more on that in a month when I post my New Year's resolutions.

Thanks for set help, Kyle!

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