Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closing the Book on 2013

Like many of my blogosphere brethren I posted a few collecting goals for 2013.  Let's reflect back on the past twelve months and see what I accomplished.
Sample page of FrankenSet

Goal #1: Collect and finish only two 2013 products.
     Well, I finished the 2013 Topps Opening Day set early in the year and then set my sights on 2013 Bowman.  The veteran set (1-220) and prospect set (1-110) proved to be no match, although I am waiting on my last prospect to arrive via My Cardboard Habit.  Some may call my FrankenSet a third set for the year, but I see it more as a byproduct of the Bowman base, and I'm only five cards away from its completion.

     So, maybe it's three sets, and I guess I only have one technically finished.  Hmph.  Yeah, well, um, let's not sit around discussing technicalities and failures.

Goal #2: Clean up the Man Room.  
     I'm really proud of this one.  I spent a large part of the year sorting, consolidating, collating, and labeling my collection.  Many of you know how difficult it is to not allow the cards to pile up on you, especially when a certain blogger, who shall remain nameless, dumps a USPS flat rate box of cards on you!
     I have a few decorations, which were birfday/Xmas presents, to add to the walls and one small stack (<50 cards) to sort, but otherwise I've reached the point where I would invite someone in and show off my collection.  This was a definite win.  Cool.

Goal #3: Put my 1978 Topps set to bed.  
     Heck Yeah!  This is probably my proudest moment as a set builder and a huge win for 2013.

Goal #4: Find a card show that has a dime box and indulge!
     Another big win on this one.  I only found one dime box all year and it certainly helped replenish the cards in my trade box.  I even found a pink '13 Topps Jose Fernandez in the box, which covered the cost of all my purchases at that show.   

Goal #5: Add my first 1/1 card to my collection. 
     Bummer.  Another shortcoming in 2013.  I had a nice offer on the table, but I failed to close the deal.
I never did happen across and crazy Brew Crew mojo, but let's be honest here: once Soriano was traded to the Yankees I lost interest.   I began searching the Bay for 1/1's of the players and prospects that I collect, but I never could pull the trigger.  The blogosphere seems to be full of the them as The Dimwit and Judson can attest, and some day I'll add one to my collection.

So, there you have it.  Three-for-five is a decent enough year, and realizing Goal #2 has me in really good shape for 2014.  So good in fact, one of my goals for next year would not be possible  Come back tomorrow and check in on my collecting goals for 2014.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. That Jose Fernandez pink parallel you found for a dime is definitely one of the better pickups I've seen around the blogosphere this year. And I'm still jealous of it.

    Happy new year!