Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rudolph is on Baseball Reference is one of my favorite websites.  I used to flip through the Baseball Encyclopedia, but the interwebs has since turned my old "go to" into nothing more than a coffee table book in the man room.  With all the time I spend on BaseballReference one would figure that I had found all of the neat little features.  Then I happened across this gem.
He’s built like a tank at 5’3” and 375 pounds, yet he runs like a deer: 8 triples and stolen 33 bases last season.   It’s a good thing they banned home plate collisions at the winter meetings this year!  Imagine 375 pounds of Rudolph rounding the bag at third and "prancing" home!
I love that he got his first taste of professional ball in the Workshop Summer League and that his similar batters feature Rob Deer, J.T. Snow, and Frosty Thomas. 
How does Ozzie Guillen fit into the equation though?

I look at Mr. December’s 2013 stat line and I can’t help but feel that his production, 5.1 WAR as a shortstop, couldn’t help the Cubs. Maybe push Castro over to third or slide him over to second base?  I wonder if Theo & Company have kicked the tires on Rudolph.

I realize Christmas is still a week away, but I figured I'd give this find a little press just in case you wanted to impressed those in your circles.  Happy Holidays, everyone!

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