Saturday, December 14, 2013

Randomness of Listia

I recently sold a non sport related item on Listia, which no longer had any value to me, and I earned quite a few credits.  What have I been shopping for with my new allowance?

Well, as random as some of the auctions are, like 499 credit for a 1989 Topps card of Curtis Wilkerson, there's some good stuff out there.  One just has to be patient.

82 credits isn't much, perhaps 20 cents or so if you buy into the $1 to 400 credit ratio, but those 82 credits won me this 2004 Topps Fan Favorites Rick Sutcliffe card!

The next one set me back 2,820 credits, probably because I caught in a bidding war with Jeroen or something.  The dude has a serious Anthony Rizzo fetish or something!
backside of the card
 Either way, for roughly seven bucks worth of credits I came away with the above 2013 Topps Tribute relic card numbered 23 of 127.  It's simply beautiful and if you squint a bit the "Italia" almost looks like "Chicago".  I kid, I kid.

Thanks for stopping buy today!

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