Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birfday, Steve Garvey!

First off, around these parts we don't say "birthday", we pronounce it as birfday.  Why?  I suppose it adds a bit of fun to the day, and isn't that what birfdays are supposed to be about?

Secondly, how did I not know it was Steve Garvey's birfday?  Or Steve Carlton's or Connie Mack's?

For 364 out of 365 of you this isn't a big deal.  But, I'm the 1 out of 365 who share a birfday with these great men in baseball's illustrious history. 

And, it took a contest over at "garvey cey russell lopes" to educate me.  Crazy.

So Happy Birfday, Steve Garvey!
I chose the 1978 Topps card of Mr. Garvey for two reasons:
1. GCRL is a fan of the Dodgers and I think this is the only card I own that features Mr. Garvey in Dodger blue.
2. This card is from the oldest set in my collection, the set that features the stats from the year I was born.

Thanks for teaching me something new on my birfday, GCRL!