Saturday, November 30, 2013

Diving into Box #2, which I thought was Box #1

Sometimes when you're ramfeezled things sneak by you and later you're left to wonder how you overlooked the obvious the first time around.

This is one of those times.

In my Testing the Waters post I reviewed the contents of the first box from the Kraken that Wes had sent me.  I somehow overlooked an entire team bag of cards.  How does one do manage to do that when it's a 200-count box?  I have no idea.  

Let's see what I missed!
Well, how about a bunch more serial numbered cards for my player collections?  Check. Missed 'em.

Five copies of a card that features my two favorite Chicago Cubs of all time?  Quintuple Check.
This 2003 Diamond Kings card may just slip into my all-time top 10 favorite cards.  Simply Awesome.

 Autographs of former Cubs prospects?  Heck yeah!  Yes, missed them, too.
 On the left we have my first Felix Pie autograph from a 2007 Bowman product.  On the right are a pair of 2002 Donruss autographs of Francis Beltran.  Both are welcome additions to my ever-growing stockpile of Cubs' autographs.

More Fukudome love?  Check.  Actually, lots of Kosuke Fukudome love.

Believe it, or not, but all four of the relics on the right are duplicates in my Fukudome collection.  What's even tougher to digest is that Wes has now sent me two copies of three of those cards!

The 2010 Topps Finest card, below on the left, is probably one of better card designs I have seen in awhile. A quality picture overlaying a shiny background featuring the Cubs logo are what makes this card for me.

My favorite relic card of Fukudome just so happens to be the only "pants" card that I now have in my collection.  I was just getting back into collecting when Topps produced its 2010 National Chicle set and somehow this relic card flew under my radar.

Maybe you can see why I was confused?
I can now confirm that Box #1 has been emptied.  But wait, so has Box #2.  What?

Free time has been so short as of late it has been nearly a week since I opened Box #1, and when I opened what I thought was Box #2 I saw another huge stack 1975 SSPC cards.  I assumed that this stack of SSPC cards was the same ones from Box #1 and that I missed a second team bag of Cubs goodness.

Thus the blog post talking about all of the cards I missed from Box #1.  Anyone else confused?

In short, there are two boxes with large stacks of 1975 SSPC cards and each had one team bag of Cubs inside.  Yet, I just wrote this entire post as though I only opened one box.  Yikes.

Three things going through my head right now:
1. How many of these 1975 SSPC cards do I now own?
2. I need to find more time for my hobby so this type of bologna doesn't happen.
3. Wes is probably laughing his head off. (And rightfully so!)


  1. I'm super jealous of all those SSPCs. Looking forward to seeing those from Wes.

    P.S. -- If you happen to get a copy of the '75 SSPC Willie Randolph (in a Pirates uniform) and don't need it, let me know. That one has been on my wantlist for years.