Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Joy of a Completed Set - Topps Fire

With confidence, I can once again claim to be a set builder. I started ripping packs of Topps Fire back in late September and the last two cards arrive via a trade package from Roy-Z, of plain gray swatch, just the other day.
It's been some time since I did a set build commencing with packs and finishing with trades. It's a good feeling!

Roy sent along some sweet Cubs-mojo as well!
 The smoke effect? Yeah, I'm not a fan, but for whatever reason I enjoy the techy look of the parallels. Actually, now that I think about it, I was amused by the snowflake parallels also. 
 The Kris Bryant gold parallel was made in 2016, thus there 2016 copies of this card out there. How is this my first copy of the card?
Rizzo!  These Diamond Marshals inserts are pretty sharp. Literally. I've salvaged a few of these from dime boxes in the past and those corners are quite pointy! This is the first Diamond Marshals card which will stay in my collection and I'm very happy to add this one to the Rizzo binder!

Roy recently busted more Panini Prizm than any one man should be allowed to take on by himself.
I found it funny when Roy mentioned in his blog post how his fingers hurt after ripping so many packs. I'm not a cruel guy at heart... I mean, I don't tend to laugh at the pain of others. Yet, I've been in his shoes before.  It's a lot of fun to open large quantities of packs, but it can come at a price.

I think that may be a complete Cubs team set from the 2015 Prizm edition. Very nice, indeed!

Roy, thanks for helping me finish the Fire set build and thanks for the extra Cubs mojo!  It is very much appreciated!


  1. Congrats on completion. Also, thank you for informing me of a blog that I didn't know of. Adding it to my blogroll!

  2. Congrats on putting out the Fire! (Okay, not all the jokes can be good.)

  3. It was too good of a deal to pass up! Thanks for the Jays, of course.