Monday, December 11, 2017

Part 11: Vogelbach on 2017 Cardboard

I'm still hunting multiple websites for Dan Vogelbach cards which have eluded me during the 2017 baseball card collecting year, but the chase is finally starting to slow. I figure by the time I finish this series of posts we'll be counting down the days for 2018 Topps Series 1 to hit the shelves.

I'm going to go in chronological order from the first cards produced to the most recent. Each post will contain all of the Dan Vogelbach cards I've acquired from that set and I'll make a short mention of the ones I'm still on the look out for.

Round 11: 2017 Topps Gold Label

Gold Label is another higher end box break, which I can't ever see myself laying down cash for in an attempt to build the set. I'm just not that kind of collector. The base set is fairly sharp looking, but many have criticized it for getting away from its chrome roots.

Vogelbach wasn't included in the base set, and for that I'm a bit thankful. After chasing all of those parallels in Topps Chrome I wasn't exactly jazzed about the prospect of tracking down cards for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3, each of which have three parallels. Yikes!
The Vogelmonster was included in the autograph portion of the Gold Label set, and I have to say, the cards look really sharp! There's a bit of a glare on the top two cards in the photo, but the bottom two really show how spectacular these autos can be: two pictures, nice design, crisp on card autos, and the cards have a thick gold framing.

Topps Definitive may have been the most ornate design, but I think Gold Label is the classiest.

2017 Topps Gold Label Haves (4):

2017 Topps Gold Label Needs (1):
#FA-DV - Topps Gold Label (Gold), 1/1

Missing 1/1s seems to be a bit of a pattern for me. So it goes.

Stay tuned, Vogelbach cards from the only set I built from packs in 2017 are on deck!