Saturday, December 30, 2017

Final Summary: Vogelbach on 2017 Cardboard

I hope you enjoyed the nineteen Vogelmonster posts over the last month. I sure had fun typing them up!

Here's a quick breakdown of where everything stands as of right now:
172 cards in all from 2017
3 Different Card Manufacturers: Topps (163), Panini (7), Choice (2)
19 different sets: Topps (16), Panini (2), Choice (1)
106 Serial Numbered cards (6 of which are 1/1)
64 Autographed cards (61 from Topps and 3 from Panini)

Seriously? 64 autographed Vogelbach cards in 2017?  Can you tell where the hobby is going? Yeesh.

My Vogelbach player collection now stands at 303 unique cards. I had no idea I just crossed over the 300 card milestone. Wow.

Here's a picture of my Dan Vogelbach box... or the "Vogelbox" as I'm starting to call it.
All of my most treasured Vogelmonster cards will reside in this box from now on. The two rows on the left and one-fourth of the row on the right are all cards of Vogelbach. (The others are my favorite autographs.) It looks really sweet all filled up and it's actually kind of heavy!

It's been quite a collecting year!

Going forward, I've decided to try and fill as many gaps from 2011 through 2017 as I can in my Vogelbach player collection, but I'm not going to actively pursue any of his 2018 cards. I can't put myself through another year of checking Ebay and other collecting sites every day. I'm not sure how other super collectors do it!

It's time to put my designated card funds back into my Cubs collection and maybe I'll spend more time on Hall of Fame binder as well. This should allow me to be a more active trader, too. Should be fun!

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you and your collecting goals in 2018!


  1. It was a fun ride to see the Vogelmadness that was 2017. Here's to hoping they take easy in 2018.

  2. That is such a cool card storage box!!

  3. Nothing wrong with being a casual collector. I tried being a super collector for several guys... and in the end... it wore me down financially and mentally. Now I just collect them when they fall into my budget and I don't feel the need to grab every single one of their cards.

  4. Impressive job, Tom! Now that the "rookie mojo" is off the Vogelmonster, I'd expect much less new cards in 2018, for what it's worth. But yeah, don't blame you for drawing a line.

    1. You make a strong point which I had not considered. I'll have to see how many products he's included in 2018 and maybe extend my Vogelbach collection another year. We'll see!

  5. That Vogelbox is nice and I really enjoyed all 19 posts. Happy New Year and Happy Collecting!

  6. Awesome. I enjoyed the posts and the dedication.

    1. Thanks. It was a little daunting, but sometimes the writing mood struck and I knocked out multiple posts at a time. Regardless, it was quite enjoyable.