Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Part 8: Vogelbach on 2017 Cardboard

I'm still hunting multiple websites for Dan Vogelbach cards which have eluded me during the 2017 baseball card collecting year, but the chase is finally starting to slow. I figure by the time I finish this series of posts we'll be counting down the days for 2018 Topps Series 1 to hit the shelves.

I'm going to go in chronological order from the first cards produced to the most recent. Each post will contain all of the Dan Vogelbach cards I've acquired from that set and I'll make a short mention of the ones I'm still on the look out for.

Round 8:  Topps Definitive Baseball

Wow, and I thought Clearly Authentic was a high end set. Definitive Baseball boxes contain eight cards, all autos and/or relics, and the price is north of a thousand dollars per box. The card below is the base card and is numbered to /30. I suppose low serial numbers for base cards creative a higher demand due to scarcity?
Honestly, I could have done without this set. The card itself contains an ornate design in the background and is on super thick card stock, but other than the autographs the product doesn't really knock my socks off. Plus, doesn't this photo of Vogelbach look like it should be used in a Panini offering?
I'm glad I pounced on the cards when I did, because they seem to be pretty rare on Ebay these days. I paid a little more than I wanted to at the time, but I'm glad to have them in my collection.

2017 Topps Definitive Baseball Haves (3):

2017 Topps Definitive Needs (1):
DCRA-DV  -  Topps Definitive (Red), 1/1

You may be noticing a pattern here as of late. I'm doing pretty well accumulating Vogelbach's cards except for those pesky 1/1's. It is what it is.

Stay tuned... more to come!


  1. Are these cards actually textured in their design or does it only look 3D-ish?

  2. You're building up quite the array of Vogelmonsters!