Friday, December 22, 2017

Bumping the Bday

This holiday season has been more hectic than most. So, the family has decided to bump my birthday and my mother's to early January. Why early January?  Well, that's when my wife has her birthday. The three of us are only separated by 20 days on the calendar. We're going to have a 3-for-1 birthday bash celebration. (Actually, I'm sure it will be very low key.)

Honestly, I'm totally cool with it. Age is just a number and I've reached the point where "my big day" includes sleeping in, getting some exercise, spending time with family and/or friends, and enjoying a meal of my choosing. That's a 10 on my scale.

I delivered my handmade bat rack to my good friend, Jim, the other night and he gave me a nice gift of cardboard and paper in return. Jim is like my older brother... a great friend and he really knows my tastes.

Cardboard first!
Kid Nichols... a Hall of Famer!  1961 Fleer!  Actual vintage!
This one goes straight into my Hall of Fame binder. Whenever I can add actual vintage to my HOF binder I'm a very happy guy!

On to the paper:
I like Jeff Passan's work and according to the Boston Globe this is the best baseball book of the year. My wife and are traveling soon and I should make a good dent in this one before too long. I'm super excited to have a new baseball book to read!

Thanks for the Xmas/Bday gifts, Jim!

Happy Holidays, everyone!