Thursday, December 14, 2017

Buying International Cardboard

I found an Ebay auction at the tail end of November for some serious Vogelmojo and pounced.

Tangent Alert: I can't claim "Vogelmojo" as my own word creation, but AJ used it in a comment recently and now it's part of my vernacular. Vogelmojo! It's almost as wonderful as Vogelmonster! Almost.

Okay, back to the international purchase. I had a little competition when purchasing this card, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. Perhaps the lack of interest derived from the location of the card?

Taiwan. Wow.  That's a long flight away from U.S. soil.
I put in a low bid, won the auction, and paid $4.00 for shipping.

Mini Rant Alert: I paid $15.50 to ship a 100-count box of cards to Canada the other day from P-town. Yet, it only takes $4.00 to send a bubble mailer from Taiwan to the USA? What is wrong with our postal service? Yeesh.

$6.04 for a Topps High Tek blue autograph parallel numbered out of 50! So what if it took about two weeks to reach me. It's a sweet card!
  So, yeah. Please revel with me in all this Vogelmojo!


  1. Nice!

    I have purchased a few things that came from Taiwan as well and been amazed at their low rates. Well worth the risk for a few bucks.

  2. A lot of my Japanese contacts who've done business with the Taiwanese card market tell me that they're pretty great. Apparently the market for basketball cards is insane over there and the markets for baseball cards are slowly picking up too.