Friday, December 8, 2017

Cubs from North of the Border

 I received a package from Sportscards From The Dollar Store the other day, but it's been stuck in line behind an avalanche of Vogelmonster card posts. It's been pretty busy here in P-town as of late, and I can't remember if Douglas and I agreed to a swap, but nevertheless I know where to send my random Mets and hockey cards!

On to the cardboard!

I know a serial number 10,000 isn't much these days, but this is a card I've longed to have since I first saw it on the interwebs.
This Kris Bryant card is easily my favorite card of the package and it will go straight into my World Series binder. Fantastic.

But wait, there was an autograph, too!
 I was chasing Shawon Dunston autos a few years ago when his son was in the Cubs' minor league system. I never could find one to my liking. Hometown Heroes is a really fun break and one of the reasons I bought a couple of the boxes and completed this set was to have a chance at this exact Dunston card. This package is starting off on a really high note!

 Colorful and in pretty fair condition?
 Yes, Please!

I remember there being a debate about whether hot dogs and onions is actually a thing at Wrigley.
 I don't remember how the debate ended and I can't say that I can answer that question.
 I always get the Chicago Dog or buy a plain one from a vendor, but hot dogs are my go-to food in Wrigley for sure.
 Topps Pro Debut!  I actually have two of these cards autographed in person. 😀
 Honus Bonus?  I just received the Willson Contreras card the other day... now my collection adds a Lester and Baez.  Man, I love the generosity of bloggers!
 I'm hoping the Cubs re-sign Wade Davis... and then I'm hoping I bump into him at the Cubs Convention so I can get this card signed. Black or blue ink? Which would go better?

Hey, more Hometown Heroes! 
 How can you not love a set that features a bunch of guys who belong in the Hall of Very Good?

Here are two Rizzos to round out the show-and-tell portion of today's post:
 If I didn't know better I would say the picture from the '17 Heritage card was the one used for the smile on the '13 Triple Play card.
For the record, I don't see any onions on the hot dogs in the background of Rizzo's Triple Play card. There's a squiggly line, but that most certainly is a mustard line. 

Douglas, thanks for the cards!  I'll put something together for you before too long!

If you haven't seen my Contest Post, then please take a look!  There's still plenty of time to get your entry in!


  1. I need one of those Beckett cover cards in my collection.

  2. I've never seen that Beckett card, pretty snazzy! Will have to snag one (and maybe the actual magazine too).

    For the Wade Davis autograph, put it in a penny sleeve and do a mock signature in blue and black and see which one you like better. Blue tends to have better resale value but that doesn't seem like a concern here.

    1. Ahhh... You are very wise! I never thought to try a mock signature on a penny sleeve before. Wonderful!