Monday, October 22, 2012

Two Dollar Tuesday & Poll!

One of my local card shops is changing locations during the next week, so the owner had boxes of cards strewn about the shop while he was preparing to move.  I would have loved to have relieved him of some of his stock, so he had less to move, but alas, I have a conscience and it would not allow me to indulge.

I did find a 1991 Leaf Studio box that was nearly empty and I purchased the remaining packs.  The owner seemed happy to rid himself of some "junk wax" rather than packing it and unpacking it.  I also picked up a pack 2012 Topps Update, with the hopes of scoring a Josh Vitters or Brett Jackson rookie card.

Two dollars will buy you 4 packs of '91 Studio, which contain 10 cards and 1 puzzle piece of a Rod Carew puzzle per pack.  Here's the ones that were worth my time to upload:

The two best pulls of the packs in my opinion: Hall-of-Famers Andre Dawson and Nolan Ryan!
Hall-of-Famers Lee Smith and Gary Carter!
Paul Molitor, a Hall-of-Famer, and one who will surely be elected to Cooperstown shortly, Carig Biggio!
Two current big league managers: Kirk Gibson and Mike Scioscia.
I love cards of Jim Abbott.  What an amazing story.  I'm not a big Paul O'Neill fan, but I dig the retro jersey.
I was hoping to pull a Ken Griffey, Jr. card, but these next two aren't a bad consolation prize.  Bud Black and Steve Decker on a Black & Decker card.  Oh, Leaf, you're so funny!  And a cool picture of Jeff Kunkel blowing a bubble. 
Not pictured: I also have six puzzle pieces and a good stack of notable players from the 1990 season to trade away.

Two dollars will buy one pack of '12 Topps Update and here's all ten cards.

Two bearded men: Lance Lynn and Andrew Cashner.  I was happy to get both cards.  The Lynn will be shipped to my cousin in St. Louis with his Halloween package and Cashner was the Padres' prize for giving up Anthony Rizzo.  Um, thank you San Diego!
 Josh Hamilton checklist highlighting his 4-homer game and Dodger Matt Guerrier.
 The middle two cards of the pack featured a gold parallel of a Gio Gonzalez All-Star card (#1444/2012) and a Bruce Sutter Blockbusters insert.    Not a bad parallel to pull, as twenty game winners don't grow on trees. Sutter will also be heading to St. Louis with Lynn.
 Two White Sox All-Star cards of Paul Konerko and Chris Sale.  Seriously? Why do I always open packs with Cardinals and White Sox?  Where are the Cubs?
Two more All-Star cards, this time of Andrew McCutchen and Joey Votto.  Can't be bummed about pulling these two players as they are arguably two of the best in the National League.

So, this begs the question: If you had two bucks to spend, would you want the joy of ripping four packs of a two decade old product that will yield forty cards OR the 2012 product that nets you eight base cards and two inserts of today's players on higher grade cardstock?

My decision has already been made, but what do you think?   Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments, but also please take the time to vote in the poll in the right margin!


  1. Is Baseball Card City moving?

  2. Nope, the other one that is located in Creve Coeur. They're only moving about a block away... closer to the Taco John's! Heck yeah!