Sunday, October 28, 2012

1978 Topps Card Show Pick Ups

After finishing my parent-teacher conferences on Friday I made for the Northwoods Mall card show.  I'm guessing that I arrived a little early, as there were only three venders that were set up.  Perhaps there will be more later in the weekend?

I couldn't find any '88 Topps or 2012 Opening Day singles, but the first guy I approached had an 800-count box of '78 Topps!  Score!

I believe I could have finished my set right there and then, but I have standards, you know.  The cards have to fall within my budget and must look like the rest of the set that I have accumulated to date: fading/yellowing, creases, pen marks, off-centering, and rounded corners are the norm.  Many of the cards I found at the show were too top shelf for my liking.

Here's my haul!

300 game winner, 3 time Cy Young winner, and hall-of-famer, Tom Seaver!

Member of the 3,000 hits club and an 18 time All-Star, Carl Yastrzemski!

All-time hits leader and 17 time All-Star (at five different positions), Pete Rose

 Of all the cards I have for my set, the Mike Cubbage card was the only one that I wanted to upgrade.  The first one pictured was my original.  I placed it on top of another card with a red border for this picture.  You can obviously tell that someone took a pair of scissors to poor Mike Cubbage.  My replacement is on the right!  Yeah!

Now I only need one dozen cards to finish my set.  There's another local card show next weekend and I may have found a couple more on Listia as well.   Wish me luck!

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