Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lions and Elephants and Bears! Oh, My!

On Monday night I drove to Jeremy and Mikelle's house to watch the Bears versus Lions game on ESPN.  I don't have cable or satellite, so thank you to the other family and friends that also extended an invitation.

It's really a nice deal.  I bring the . . . ahem . . . adult libations and they feed me and allow me to watch their TV.  Plus I get to take in, for a brief moment, what it's like to have a 5 and a 3-year-old running around the house.  Um, wow!

During commercial breaks and injury timeouts I tried to teach the youngest how to draw a star with markers*, but she was more concerned with my ability, or apparent lack thereof, to replicate her artistic renderings of the sun. 

*Markers?  Yeah, totally should have looked for a safer medium.

Meanwhile, the older daughter was upstairs and soon appeared at halftime with a present for me! 
What goes great with Lions and Bears?  Homemade elephants of course!  A little part of me went, "Oooooh, how sweet!" 

I think I'll take it to school and put the elephant on the wall next to the other artwork I've been given.  Thanks, Kylie!

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  1. NICE elephant! I'm impressed. Looks like Kylie has more than her share of artistic talent. Mom