Thursday, October 11, 2012

Panini triple Play Thursday

I stopped by Target the other day and emptied out their stock of 2012 Panini Triple Play.  I should feel bad, because I'm more than likely robbing a cash-strapped youngster of their opportunity to purchase 4 packs for $4, but I don't.  No, I'm not heartless, but perhaps I am deserving as I am a kid at heart.  Not buying it?  How about this: I'm sending two of the four packs to my pre-teen cousin as part of a Halloween care package.  Hopefully, that will restore some of my card karma.

The other two packs?  They're all mine!  (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

Each pack contained three base player cards, two puzzle pieces, one sticker, and one shorter printed insert.  Of the six player cards, from the two packs, only one is in the playoffs.  I'd love nothing more than the O's to show the Yankees the door to an early exit.  Good luck, Brian Matusz!

Adrian Gonzalez sticker:

Here's one of the insert-esque subsets: Focus of Jared Weaver, which highlights his 2012 no-hitter of Minnesota.

After about fifteen packs or so this Cal Ripken, Jr. represents my first Hall of Fame card.  I think these are the only cards in the set that aren't done with computerized vector art.  I think it's pretty classy, but I really miss the Orioles logo on the cap.

Unfortunately, I think these two packs represent the last that I'll be able to buy in my area.  My local card shop didn't carry Panini Triple Play and I bought the last ones at Target.   So it goes.  

Panini made quite an impression on me this year though and I'm seriously considering collecting the set next year. 

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