Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Taking a Break from Remodeling the Office with Cardboard!

Each summer Laura and I put the wheels in motion on a couple of household projects.  Usually, they are ones that we can manage on our own, but as of late they've become more labor intensive (removing a 70 year old tree) and beyond my skill set (removing and installing a new front stoop).

But, we are tackling our home office head on!  Laura has started removing the wallpaper with much gusto.  I'll change out the electrical outlets to bright white, install an additional ceiling light fixture, and add in a dimmer switch.  Together we'll sand the walls and paint.  Flooring?  Yeah, that's the old TBD.  The carpet and padding will certainly come up, but after a morning of pricing out new carpet I'm a little overwhelmed.

Thankfully, I have some baseball cards to post to take mind off of things. I'm finally ripping into a padded mailer that JBF sent me about two weeks ago.  Yep, I'm slacking again!

Even though he has unleashed many a monster on me in the past Wes has always been the cordial type.

Ooooooooooh!  Fodder for future pack wars! 
 I'm sure there are a couple of Hall-of-Famers in those bad boys.

A shiny auto of Barret Loux . . . the numbered blue version!
 Barret just came down with arm troubles . . . again.  Odd fact of the day: He was born without a ligament in his pitching elbow.  How does that happen?


I love me some framed minis.  Minis in general annoy me because they are undersized, but the framed ones are cool because they are the size the Baseball Card Gods intended them to be: 2.5" by 3.5". 

A Julia Mancuso framed mini relic from A&G.   Cool!
Mancuso has taken part in the last four winter Olympics and she won the gold medal in Alpine Skiing in 2006. 
The little piece of relic is so fuzzy! 

Maybe fuzzy is the new shiny?
Obligatory fuzzy kitten picture.
Thanks for the cards, Wes!  Things are well here.  I hope you're managing okay seeing as you're at War with Tony L.  Good luck!


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  2. Yay for the kitten photo--they look so innocent, but we know better, don't we!?