Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Pack of Archives to Scratch the Pack Ripping Itch

Our home office overhaul is complete and I'm ready to get back to blogging.  Let's start with one hobby pack of the newly released Topps Archives.   A couple of blogs (here & here) and my own have already show own off and critiqued this year's edition, so I won't get into any of that.

Instead, please enjoy this solitary pack rip with me!

Eight cards, huh? The pack feels a little thin.  The blogosphere isn't keen on the card stock used, so perhaps that's the cause. 

OR . . . as the fine print on the lower left of the wrapper states:  "Packs with an insert may contain 2 fewer cards"   Is it possible I finally found my Kris Bryant autograph?

Well, shoot.  There are eight cards.  And Zack Grienke starts us off. 

My biggest fear is the Cubs will make the playoffs and be swept out of the playoffs for the third time in a row by the Dodgers. (See the 2007 & 2008 debacles.)

Wily Peralta?  Meh.

Into the trade box you go!  Although, I am a big fan of the '83 design.

Roberto Alomar = member of the Hall of Fame.  Yep, that's a win!
Nice smile, Robbie!

Don Mattingly?  Ugh.  He's featured as a Yankee here, but he's the current manager of the Dodgers.
Yep, the Cubs are going to get swept in October by the Dodgers.
Because, you know, you can predict he future with baseball card packs.

Another card with a connection to Los Angeles . . . the Angels this time.

I find it weird how the mountain in the background mirrors Pujols' shoulders.  No? It's just me? 

Moving on . . .

This one is probably my favorite card in the pack, although there are two more cards to go.
I like the green and red on '76 card design for the White Sox.  That's a sharp looking card.

Annibal Sanchez.  Bleck.
 Because Anibal wanted to pitch in Detroit the Cubs signed Edwin Jackson as their consolation prize.  That is why I say, "Bleck."  EJax seems to be a good clubhouse guy, but I get cold chills whenever he toes the bump.

Last card . . .

An '83 model Alex Gordon.
I like Gordon and I like the Royals.  Win.

There you have it.  No inserts, no short prints, and no Kris Bryant autograph.  Really, no surprises when I think about it, because I used up all of my good karma baseball card mojo to win My Cardboard Habit's contest. More on that later!

Thanks for joining my little pack rip.  If you see anything you'd like dropped in a PWE just let me know!

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