Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Fun Night and Contest Reminder

Currently, I'm in the middle of a six hour road trip to Kansas City to meet George Brett this evening.  Yes, you read that right.  He doesn't know I'm coming, nor who I am, but I plan on shaking his hand while not totally clamming up.  Wish me luck.  My track record of being tongue around professional athletes is gruesome.

Tomorrow is the deadline for my super easy 2014 Bowman contest.  There will be two winners and all you have to do is comment on this post.  Do it.  Now!

Last night Laura and I went down to the river front to hit the gondola wheel at Steamboat Days.  Steamboat Days is a nice little festival on the river which corresponds with the Steamboat Classic, the self-proclaimed fastest 15K run.

This year we've had one of our rainier Junes in P-town and they brought in the sand to help keep the fairgrounds dry.  Yep, there's the steamboat in the background, which is made for water.  Those waste receptacles and park bench are not meant to float on water.
Keep Off the wall of sand!
I was thankful for the sand wall, because that meant I could enjoy sitting atop the gondola wheel (ferris wheel) with my beautiful wife.  Earlier there was some doubt in the community that the river waters would wash out this year's festival.

And, I could also try deep fried Oreos for the first time.  Yes, they were a little pricey at 5 for $4, but so worth it. 
 Thirty-seven years on this planet and I've just NOW enjoyed my first deep fried Oreo.  How is that possible.  I can promise you this, I will not wait another thirty-seven years to have my second helping!

Lastly, please enjoy Hugo and his attempt to kick the snot out of my Chicago Cubs hoodie wearing stuffed dog. 

First he had to knock the dog from it's shelf in the man room.
Then he noticed I was snapping pictures so he sprinted for the door.
 He slipped on the tile while trying to make the turn up the stairs.

He managed to spring up the stairs while carrying the stuffed dog in his mouth, but he had to recollect himself once he made it to the top.
  Showing off his wresting moves on the hallway rug.

He's done wrestling, because he has successfully pinned his competitor.
This is the third time he has dragged this stuffed animal in Cubs garb up the stairs to wrestle with it.  I'm thinking I may have a Cardinals fan on my hands?

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  1. I too went far too long without trying a fried oreo - they are truly the best of all carnival foods! Fastest 15k run, eh? I mostly stick to 5ks myself, but maybe next year I'll have to come and see for myself.

  2. Enjoy Kansas City! For whatever reason, I am absolutely both fascinated by and frightened of flood waters. I had a job back in 1993 that took me along the flooding on the Missouri and then Mississippi Rivers that summer, and having seen that was an incredibly impactful experience. The mental images of that water have never left me -- and to this day I have that fascination. Thanks for sharing that one photo!