Friday, June 5, 2015

Fun within the Game

I was recently hired as the assistant coach for my high school's baseball team. I'm pretty excited for a number of reasons including:
1. working under/with another coach for who I have much respect
2. I get to impart my knowledge of the game, specifically pitching, onto others
3. I love competing and outside of actually playing the game, coaching is the next best thing
4. the camaraderie!

I miss all of the inside jokes that develop within a team.  I was a pitcher in college and I spent my fair share of time in the bullpen where there's little to no supervision.  Fun times were had, but we never tried anything like this:
A ransom note for the ball of the 100th home run of Brandon Moss' career. Apparently it landed in the Cleveland Indians' bullpen and they weren't going to just pass the ball along . . . to their very own teammate! 

I guess Indians' relief corps really dig Apple products and apparently Mike Rzepczynski really likes lubricant.  Boys will be boys.

Man, I love this stuff.  Thanks to The Lost Collector for re-tweeting this a couple of days ago.

One of my favorite websites to visit, besides those around the blogosphere, is MLB's Cut4 website. Posted there one will find quick reads about mascots going streaking, videos of fans catching home run balls, selfies of Bryce Harper, and information about how Giancarlo Stanton thinks he's above the rules. 

If  you need a lift or you're just looking for a non-productive way to kill an hour on the internet give Cut4 a chance.

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