Thursday, June 18, 2015

One Good Contest Deserves Another

Amazingly, I won a recent contest from My Cardboard Habit involving a medium-size flat-rate USPS mailer full of 2014 Bowman. 
I opened up the box from the bottom side and got to sorting!  And I sorted . . . and collated . . . and sorted some more.  I haven't had this many cards to sort since eleven-year-old me went whole hog on 1989 Topps.

Here's some of the highlights as I saw them:
 A future Cub in Jon Lester and two future minor leaguers in Milly McKinney (chrome and paper) and Victor Caratini (chrome).

 These were two of my favorite cards in the lot.  The uniform Lowrie is wearing is just remarkable, although the jury is still out deciding if it's remarkably bad or good.  And hey, what's not to like about a smiling and dirty Mike Trout?
I found a healthy stack of Jose Abreu's first Bowman card.  That was a nice surprise!

It seems like 2015 has been the year of the rookie and here's a quartet of guys who have made their debuts this year: Correa, Buxton, Swihart, and McCullers. 

Oh, and there was definitely a healthy stack of Cubs, including a couple Kris Bryant cards.

In all there were over 2,500 cards in the box, which is just silly.  Judson must have broken open a boat load of '14 Bowman!

After collating I found that I had the makings for nearly three complete sets.  In this case, I'm talking about the veterans (1-220), the paper prospects (BP1-BP110) AND the chrome prospects (BCP1-BCP110).
Chrome in the back, paper in the middle, veterans up front

The first set is missing four cards, which I'm hoping to find at my LCS later today.  This set and a few other cards will stay in my collection.  You guessed it, they are mostly Cubs.  I'm nothing if not predictable.

The rest of the cards will be randomed off to two lucky participants.

Here's the scoop on the CONTEST:
1) Leave a comment and you're entered . . . it's that simple!
2) Want and extra entry? Make a plug on your blog and let me know you have done so.
3) Do so before this Sunday, noon CDT

I will random the entries three times and the person at the top of the list after the 3rd randomization will receive:
What you see in the picture above is 400 of the 440 cards in the set (including a Bryant), plus some parallels and a nice stack of Bowman Chrome pictured below.  Oh yeah, and you'll get the handwritten checklist seen in the picture above.
Lots of shininess!

Since the person at the bottom of the list never seems to receive any love, you'll win this:
Think of it as a consolation prize!
Again, a wantlist for the third 2014 Bowman set I collated, which has 358 of the 440 cards.
Plus: two stacks of prospects labeled with a TP or DP from the Bowman Draft and Prospects set AND all of the duplicates after trying to complete three sets.  Um, yeah, about that . . . I don't have room for that nonsense in my man cave. In some cases we're talking about 6 or 7 duplicates AFTER cards had been pulled for the three sets.  That's just too much. So yeah, if you're into Bipping people then this is for you.

One last heads: I use unopened junk wax for filler in boxes when shipping.  Fun-fun!

Judson, thanks for your contest, which has given me a 2014 Bowman set and allowed me to host a contest of my own!

Good luck, everyone!


  1. if your LCS falls through, let me know what you need. I have a metric tonne of this stuff and may be able to finish off your list.
    That goes for anyone who wins your contest as well.

    oh. And please do not enter me in your contest. Let someone else win. I already have more Bowman than is humanly healthy.

  2. Sign me up, will plug it later today

  3. Why? I already have a ton of extra Bowman from other years 2012 and '13 I think.
    Why not some '14?
    Box of Bowman
    Big Box of Bowman
    Big Bipping Box of Bowman
    Big Bipping Box of Bowman on a Blog
    Boy a Bonanza of Bipping Bs to go into that Big Bipping Box of Bipping Bowman Blah.

  4. I'm in and you've been pimped

  5. Cool.. thanks for the contest!

  6. Hey, I'm always up for a contest. Great collection there, by the way!

  7. I'm in...and I too might have what you need to complete the set. Thanks to you and Judson!

  8. Sounds cool, I have a few cards from the set, but nowhere near completion. I'll mention the contest in my next blog, then I'll show you the link.


  9. The Cubs card table is in the picture! Included?

    1. The table and the entertainment system are the focal points in my man room! Sorry!

  10. Count me in. Thanks for the contest!

  11. Cool idea for a contest. Count me in.

  12. Count me in. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Replies
    1. I promoted your contest here:

  14. Sign me up, and Pimp Cat has put the word out.

  15. I should have made you take those Nolan Ryan/Reggie Jackson Looney Tunes cards for filler!!!

  16. Oh, do not consider that as an entry.

  17. Cpt. Kirk already stole my alliteration letter... that's not allowed. It's also far too early in the morning for me to be creative at the moment. I suppose entering a contest does not require creativity though...

  18. I am in. thank you, hurter is my post.

  19. Count me in, and pluggin the contest too right now on my blog

  20. I'm in, and I promoted it here:

  21. Glad you received the box! I'm sorry if the cards weren't stacked neatly when you got them, I tried to pack it so they wouldn't move.