Monday, June 15, 2015

David Delivers Dos PWEs & a Brick of Bowman

David, our friendly Alaskan blog reader, sent me a pair of PWEs which promptly got lost in the home office remodeling project.  I thought everything was back in its proper place until earlier this morning when I found a stack of odds & ins.

These were definitely ins.  As in, they definitely belong in my collection!  Let's take a look!

I already have the Szczur Diamond King in my collection and I'm really excited to add the Soler and Baez.
 Speaking of Baez, here's a couple more which will fit nicely in my Cubs binder!
 Ooooooooh!  I bust a bunch of S&S, but I never did find the Longevity parallel of Mr. Schwarber.
 Did you know Schwarber was part of a double steal last night with The VOGELMONSTER?

Here's he proof:
That's a quick 35 seconds of my life which registers in the "happy" column.  :-)

Lastly, David surprised me with a 2013 Panini Select autograph of Darwin Barney.
So very Shiny!
David, thanks for the cards!  I'm still working on a return package for you and it appears I will have to work a little harder than I originally thought!

And now for a little tease:
Holiday has been hanging out on top of a USPS box from My Cardboard Habit.  I actually caught her mid yawn.  Poor thing... it's a rough life when one chooses to sleep on a brick of Bowman.

I'm looking forward to sorting through the cards and posting in the near future!  Stay tuned!


  1. I love this years Diamond King set, the lack of logos is not even noticable (to me anyway). I need to find me the Jokisch.

    1. I didn't know Jokisch had a card in the set! Nice!