Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We, of the bloging ilk, often speak about how great of a community the blogosphere is.  Recently, my local community was hit hard by Mother Nature and now many are left with nothing.  Sunday was a terrible day in these parts, and many are stepping up to offer a hand, give some clothes, or open their check books.

I've given some clothes and helped set-up a donation effort at my high school.  Even so, when considering how much some have lost, it feels like it isn't enough.

Something for the Cardinal fans!
I know there are some Cubs and Cardinal fans out there that stop by my blog, so let me throw this out to you.  Heck, perhaps any baseball fan looking to add an autograph from a Hall-of-Fame player might be interested?

Here it goes:

The Peoria Chiefs, current Cardinals and former Cubs single A team, set up an online auction of sports memorabilia to help raise funds for Tornado Relief of their neighboring communities. They've already listed some items and plan to add more from past, present, and future Cubs and Cardinals. I kindly ask that you help spread the word to your followers, and share the auction link

Take a look if you would.

Regardless if any of you visit the auction page or not, the blogosphere is still pretty awesome.
Thanks for stopping by today.  

Something for the Cubs fans!

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