Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Vacation From My First Vacation

I wrote about a my trip out west a couple of weeks ago and how it left me a bit weary.  Well, my wife and I just returned from a restful trip north to visit family and friends.

Wisconsin is beautiful territory and offers plenty to do in the summer. 

Our first stop was the log cabin residence of my second cousin and her husband.  Laura and I arrived on their doorstep on the day of our ninth anniversary, which seemed pretty appropriate since they were the ones that are more or less responsible for introducing us!
Here they are on Sidie Hollow Lake with our paddleboards!

Next up we arrived at Marshfield to visit Laura's aunt, uncle, and cousin.  We played a family game of baseball one evening and ate the Thomas House Restaurant the other evening.  Thanks for picking up the check, Uncle Mike!

We also stopped by Jurustic Park and was amazed by the art!  Clyde, a retired lawyer, bounces around showing off his wares with the exuberance of a ten year old.  What a fun time!  

A flying pig caught Laura's eye and the next thing you know it's overseeing our backyard.  Crazy how that works sometimes!

The last leg of our trip involved stopping in Racine.  Our first stop was at Maggie and Justus' new house.  They have a wonderful and a beautiful family.  Yet, when they pointed out a Lamborghini parked in the middle of a full length basketball court I couldn't help but wonder if Caron Butler's mom would mind giving us a tour of her home! Crazy!

After some time catching up we took a stroll to the beach to see the lighthouse up close.  What a hot day, but at least the mosquitoes that plagued us the first two legs of our trip were no where to be found!

Lastly, we met up with another cousin of Laura's and his family and then spent the night with Aunt Beth and her pets.  I somehow convinced Laura and Aunt Beth to accompany me to Milwaukee to visit the Sprecher Brewery!

I had a great time and loved sampling all of the beverages.  I picked up some root beer infused brats for my dad and a couple of cases of root beer to take home with us.  Nice!

It was nice to get away with Laura and be able to kick back and put our feet up.  Visiting with friends and family was the icing on the cake!

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