Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Touches on My Player Collections

I just finished up cataloging my Kerry Wood baseball card collection. There's a total of 188 in my collection, and 71 from my collection were issued in '99.  That means a whopping 38% are from one of the nineteen years that Wood has had cards on the market. 

Huh, why the lopsidedness?  Let's see... Wood was named Rookie of the Year in '98, he struck out twenty Astros in only his 5th major league start, and helped the Cubs reach the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade.  Yeah.  So he had a bunch of cards on the market in 1999 as a result.  Meanwhile, I was a first year teacher and coach who didn't know anyone in the middle of the cornfields of Illinois.  Translation: what else was I going to do in my down time?
A sample of my KW collection that hangs in the Man Cave.

Anyways, I now have my three main player collections all uploaded to Google Docs.  Quite an accomplish for this humble little card collector!  If you find any cards of Ryne Sandberg, Kosuke Fukudome, or Kerry Wood that need a good home just check out my "have list" and then send me an e-mail!  (mrcoach00 at yahoo dot com)  I would love to swing a trade!

By the way, I'm always up for adding Cubs cards to my collection, especially Hall-of-Famers and current prospects.  I can't help but think about the future (prospects) while reminiscing about the past (Hall-of-Famers)!  Someday, hopefully soon, my Cubs will be relevant to the standings.  Sigh...  until then... yeah, you know what comes next:  I'll be waiting 'til next year.

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