Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Made The Toddfather an Offer He Couldn't Refuse

In yesterday's post I alluded to two more trade packages to post.  In my recent trip out to Colorado to visit my sister-in-law I stopped at a couple of shops and found a few Rockies relics and Coors Field ballpark promotions and sent them to the Home of the Toddfather.  Tim, being a fine upstanding contributing member of the blogosphere, sent me back some Cubs for my efforts.  He didn't disappoint.

Most of the autographs I have in my collection have been collected in person, but I'm always up for something more official looking.

Presto!  Tim delivered with a Topps Certified 2008 Bowman Signs of the Future sticker autograph card of one-time prospect Josh Kroeger. Kroeger was a longtime prospect of the Diamondbacks and then he spent two years in the Cubs organization in '07 & '08.  He made his MLB debut in '04 with the Dbacks, but he hasn't been back to the show since and is now playing in one of the independent leagues.

Next, a 2003 Playoff Prestige jersey card of Mark Prior.  Cub fans are all to familiar with Prior and his short-lived career with the Cubs.  He's currently with his fifth organization and pitching out of the pen in AAA.  Nonetheless, this is a well done card (with a stripe barely visible) and one I'll gladly add to my collection!

Before we get to the card I'm most excited about, I'd be remiss if I didn't show the 2013 Bowman Tim sent my way.  I am this close (shows fingers almost touching) to finishing my base and FrankenSet project.  Check out my want list if you think you can help!

Last, but not least:
Yep, another Kerry Wood to add to my collection.  Later this week I'll have my Sandberg list completed and then I'll start cataloging my Wood personal collection.  Should be a lot of fun!  This one is from 2005 Topps Gallery and also has a jersey stripe going through it.  Awesome!

Thanks for a great trade, Tim.  It was a lot of fun looking for Rockies while out in the Rockies; I hope you enjoyed my shipment to you as much as the one I received in return!

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  1. Nice Kroger card! You mentioned he was with the D-Backs. I was at the Peoria Sports Complex years ago for a Spring Training game between the Padres and the D-Backs and Josh Kroger gave me a bat while they were practicing before the game. I still have it and I'll never forget it!