Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, to me?

My birthday is about three months away.  But, I was delivered a card this afternoon and I received it with my eyebrow raised and my brow furrowed.  Curious, skeptical, cautious.  Yes, I was quite unsure.

I opened it up and a little package of cards slid into my lap.  I read the note and I tried to contain myself.  After all, there were students still present in my classroom!

Here's part of the text that me all aflutter, "I saw on your blog that you would love the rest of the puzzle pieces to put up in the man room and I had to get them for you.  I wanted to give it to you now before you went and got the rest yourself."

Man, do I have some awesome friends!  The card was signed by Vince and his family, but I know he was the mastermind behind this surprise.  Thanks, Vince!

Once I've put the puzzle together and framed it properly I'll have to do another post.   I think I'll go frame shopping this weekend.  I can't wait!

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