Monday, September 3, 2012

Bobblehead Monday #5

Bobblehead #5 
Name: Hot Dog
Position: Mascot/Entertainer
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Description: 7 inches tall, 7.5 inches tall if you count the American Flag in his right hand; the racing hot dog mascot coming across the finish line!   
This is not a true bobblehead.  It’s actually more of a bobblebody, as the entire hot dog and bun portion bobble on top of the legs of the mascot.  This bobblehead also contains two removable props (flag and finish line) and most bobbleheads only have one, usually a bat at most.
Relevance: I’ve been to a Miller Park in Milwaukee at least three times that I can count. This bobblehead commemorates my visits to what Cubs fans sometimes refer to as Wrigley North.
How Acquired: I’m fairly certain that this purchase was made through eBay a couple of years ago.
Other Notes:  I have a soft spot in my heart for mascot races.  I grew up watching single-A baseball games, and although I love my Cubs, I miss the minor league antics when I visit Wrigley Field.  When it comes to in between innings entertainment, mascot races are probably my favorite thing, but probably for the wrong reasons (e.g. - falling).
I’m assuming here, but I have to believe the sausage race in Milwaukee was the first mascot race to be popularized.  Since then, I have seen several others in person and quite a few on TV.  My favorite just might be the Great Pierogi Race in Pittsburgh, although a close second would be the racing presidents at the Washington Nationals’ home games.
Pierogis from Pittsburgh.
Presidents from Washington D.C.

Bonus Note: During my baseball trip this summer I twice saw a competitor in the mascot race fall flat on their “face”.   I put face in quotation marks because one time it was a relish packet and the other time was a Taco Bell Fire Sauce packet.  I shouldn’t laugh when this happens, but man, it gets me every time.
The relish packet fell  some 20 feet back.
Fire Sauce finishing the race like a champ after falling!

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