Thursday, September 6, 2012

1 Hour in Workshop = Bird Feeder

Laura and I love to eat dinner, look out the slider, and watch the birds.  We have a pair of suet feeders and a large generic bird seed feeder.  Until a little while ago we had a thistle seed feeder for the gold finches, but the silly sock feeder was dropping more seed than it was holding.

I took the sock down and visited the local box stores hoping for a smaller thistle feeder.  No dice.  Everything was either really cheap plastic or way too big for our liking.

Then it struck me: I've made two different bird feeders in the past, why not a third?

I did a google image search and found this dandy (on the right):

I already had leftover screen and cedar from another project.  I went down to the workshop and an hour later I came back up with a new feeder (on the left).

It's now hanging in the backyard near the other feeders and fountain.

Best thing about the project was that everything I used to make the feeder I already had somewhere in the workshop.

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